Ginny Owens Reflects on the First Time She Met Amy Grant

Ginny Owens

Singer and songwriter Ginny Owens sees her lifelong dream come true this week. Owens has always dreamt of meeting Amy Grant. This week she not only got to meet her but they have recorded a song togather.  "We Are One," available from The Faithful Project's album Faithful: Go And Speak, features Ginny Owens, Christa Wells, Kelly Minter, Tamar Chipp, Savannah Locke, Rachael Lampa and Amy Grant. Inspired by the biblical story of Ruth, the song was written by Christa Wells, Ellie Holcomb and author Trilla Newbell. Listen to it here

Owens recalls her dream of meeting Grant. "Has there ever been an artist or someone you really looked up to and couldn't wait to meet, but when it happened, it didn't turn out at all as you expected?

That's how it's worked out for me nearly every time, but especially when I first met Amy Grant. She was a huge inspiration when I began songwriting as a kid, so when I met her as a new artist, I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. She had just been in a movie where she played a blind woman, so I said: "Nice to meet you, Amy. I know you played a blind girl in a movie, but I play one in real life."

Yeesh. Thankfully, Amy laughed it off. And these many years later, we're still friends."

"We Are One" is centered around the theme of belonging. The song delves into the meaning of belonging and the being whom we belong to; the song is inevitably grounded in the Church, a new creation community of people all because of the love and faithfulness of Jesus! "We Are One" is an inspiring sonic representation of the heart of FAITHFUL. 

On May 1, the members of FAITHFUL will be doing a livestream concert where we'll perform songs from the album and give you an inside look at how it all came together. Bundles, Individual and Group Tickets available here! 

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