Jaime Jamgochian Opens Up About How "Visions" Came About

Jaime Jamgochian

Acclaimed singer/songwriter and worship leader Jaime Jamgochian returns with the release of her new single "Visions." The song is speaks of our response to how God is calling a new generation to return to him in surrender and worship. 

I see a vision of a generation coming back to you
I see a vision of a generation getting lost in you
Hands raised high, with one voice they cry to a holy God
I once was blind, but now I see Your love sets us free 

Jamgochian reveals how "Visions" came about. "The song `Visions' was birthed from a missions trip to Manila, beautifully crafted by my friends John Day, Anne Marie Waters, and Steve Carpenter. The chorus - a poignant call to surrender and commitment - became my anthem and a song I would lead at so many services/conferences. 

"`Take my life I'm giving it all to you, whatever you want me to do...I'm gonna follow you.' It resonated with countless hearts, calling a generation back to God amidst life's distractions. Now twenty + years later when I was making this new album I kept feeling to revise this song a bit and record it!You can now listen to it and worship with me on all streaming services and I hope this song becomes an anthem for you too." 

She's currently working on a new album that she hopes will equip the church and encourage people to walk in their purpose in the waiting. Her passion is to see people know their worth and embrace each season.

Through her contagious smile, songs of hope and down to earth ways, she has been able to minister all over the globe. There is a sweet presence of God you will sense as she plays, sings and shares about the one who set her free. 

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