Philippa Hanna Offers Helpful Advice as to How We Can Have a Restful Sleep

Philippa Hanna

One out of ten Americans suffer from insomnia at any given time. Though there are many reasons behind our sleep disturbances, including some that are medically related, many a times our lack of our trust in God is the reason. UK-based worship leader and songwriter Philippa Hanna has taken the time to offer some suggestions as how she tackles the issue of restful sleep. 

She details, "I have a little technique I've been using to fall asleep and it's beautiful. It's really transforming my nights.Try it! Maybe it will help.

"As you close your eyes, take a deep breath and give yourself full permission to let go of all the pieces of your life...

Let go of your work
Let go of your responsibilities
Let go of your stuff
Let go of people's opinions
Hand your family back to God
Hand the world back to God
Let go of social media
Let go of conflict
Let go of accomplishments
Let go of all the words you heard and said today.
Receive forgiveness, and hand it over."

Hanna continues, "All that's truly real in this moment is you and God. And in this space you're no more than a tired baby in His embrace. He's taking care of things. During sleep you have complete permission to disconnect from all the demands life places on you. You can let go of everything you are to others and all perceptions of you. You, on Earth is a story you're living in for a whisper of time. Sleep is your escape from that story for a few blissful hours.

"From now until morning it's you and Jesus, in peace and rest. Tomorrow you can pick up life's assignments again with a fresh helping of God's grace and mercy. For now. Let. Them. Go."

Hanna is an established UK singer-songwriter, whose independent career span over 17 years and culminated in her signing a recording contract with Integrity Music, marking the upcoming release of her first ever worship project. Her music frequentlydraws upon her experiences of a turbulent youth and the Christian faith she found in 2004, crafting songs that ooze with honesty, authenticity and vocals that are as powerful as they are heartfelt. Philippa Hanna is recognised as a leading light in the Christian & Gospel scene in Europe and has a lot of experience in the mainstream music industry. 

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