J.D. Greear Answers Life's Most Perplexing Questions in New Book

J.D. Greear

It's not unusual to have questions about life. For believers living in a fallen world, many wrestle with challenging questions that seem impossible to answer. Why isn't God answering my prayers? How can I know God's will for my life? How should Christians handle political differences? The list goes on and on.

In 12 Truths & a Lie: Answers to Life's Biggest Questions (K-Love Books, December 5, 2023) pastor, author and apologist J.D. Greear tackles some of the most frequently asked questions he's received over the course of his ministry and offers thoughtful, scriptural and practical insight. Greear speaks truth into the lie that doubts are bad and reinforces that they actually lead to a more intimate relationship with Christ.

"I've learned that many people never voice their questions for fear that the question or doubt reveals some deeply problematic element of their faith," writes Greear. "Real Christians, they assume, never have these questions, but it's not true. It's actually good and healthy to have questions. Jesus's disciples certainly did."

In an effort to provide Biblically-based answers to 12 of the most soul-stirring questions, Greear brings his honest candor and relatable personality that resonates with believers and non-believers alike. Whether readers are the ones with the questions or searching for answers on behalf of someone else, this book is an incredible resource for understanding more about God and how He meets us in the midst of our uncertainty.

"My prayer is that readers will enter this book with an open heart and a desire to be drawn closer to God in the process," says Greear. "It's okay to have questions. God loves a person who seeks answers to solidify their faith."

The 12 Truths & A Lie Podcast by J.D. Greear is live now and also available for readers interested in taking a deeper dive into each chapter of the book. With each question, Pastor Greear pursues the answers according to what God's Word says -  the ultimate truth. 

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