Film Producers Ryan and Heather O'Quinn Share Why "Bringing Back Christmas" is a Future Classic

Bringing Back Christmas

The new inspirational movie "Bringing Back Christmas," reminiscent of "It's a Wonderful Life," is the second project to be released under the newly announced Damascus Road multi-picture pact with film executive, producer and financier Mike Ilitch, Jr. 

This inspirational-comedy follows charming family-man, Daniel Reece (veteran comedic actor Mark Christopher Lawrence), whose determination to pay for his child's critical surgery leaves him unraveled after being fired from his job of 17 years. A feisty angel (Leigh-Allyn Baker) takes him on a life-changing adventure back in time to witness the challenges surrounding the holy "First Family." From quirky in-laws squabbling over the dowry and baby names, through soldiers delivering the bad news of a forced journey to Bethlehem, then to the unlikely manger of a King, we laugh and learn along with Daniel. This fun and heartwarming story will not only make audiences laugh-out-loud, but will also leave them with hope that God is with their family in every circumstance.

We are honored to catch up with producers Ryan and Heather O'Quinn to talk about the movie.

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us. Tell us briefly what the film "Bringing Back Christmas" is about.

It's the story of Daniel Reece, a middle-management schill who has been fired from his job a few weeks before Christmas. He is encountered by a sassy angel (Leigh-Allyn Baker) who takes him back in time to when the first HOLY family is preparing to have baby Jesus. She shows him that for more than 2000 years people have had tough times, but if we put our hope in the Lord all things are possible!

Q: What first attracted you to the script?

It is rare to find a script that has both heart and humor. This one will have you laughing out loud and crying with joy and serves as an excellent reminder of the reason for the season.

Q: Do you have a favorite scene in the film?

My favorite scene was the interaction between the parents of Mary and Joseph. We worked hard on perfecting the New York accent and spent four days cracking each other up through the hysterically written script, as well as improvised dialogue!

Q: What were some highlights for you in the making of "Bringing Back Christmas"?

We shot at Capernaum Studios in Texas (film location of "TheChosen"). It was a perfect place to shoot the scenes in Bethlehem.

Q: Why do you think our readers should watch this movie?

This is a film for the whole family. It's rare when you can sit down to watch a family movie with grandchildren on one side and grandparents on the other and not have to worry about content or awkward explanations. It's sure to be a holiday classic for years to come. 

Q: How has this movie helped you personally in your faith journey?

It's an excellent reminder that number one: Jesus is the reason for the season and number two: with God all things are possible, even through our darkest times

Q: Speaking about Christmas, what does the season mean to you?

I love being able to slow down and pour into family and remind each other that Jesus is the hope for all mankind. We enjoy spending time together as a family, and usually take a well-deserved family trip between Christmas and new year in order to prepare our hearts and minds for the upcoming year ahead!




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