Laura Gallier's Three-Book Set "The Delusion" Reveals the Impact of Spiritual Oppression

Laura Gallier

Recent statistics reveal that there is a serious epidemic in America. 1.9 million children have been diagnosed with depression nationwide, a 63% rise amongst teens since 2013. Many concerned parents are unsure of how to help their teen who is struggling with depression and anxiety, but there are biblical responses to depression that can aid families looking for answers.

Acclaimed author Laura Gallier is well aware of the mental health struggles today's young people face. Having battled her own enemies of the soul throughout her teen and young adult years, Laura is on a mission to expose deception with the light of truth, bringing hope and healing to a generation in need through her gripping fiction series, The Delusion (Wander, a YA imprint of Tyndale House Publishers).

Following high school senior Owen Edmonds as he gains supernatural vision and witnesses the demonic presence negatively influencing his school and prompting a wave of suicides, The Delusion series emphasizes the hope-filled power of faith and choice amid oppression and invites readers to consider the real-life implications of God's existence. For the first time ever, The Delusion series will be available as a three-book package on February 20, 2024.

"I do not advocate a trite, 'just pray the problem away' approach," said Gallier "On the other hand, the realization that demons are real and prey on our pain is vital to the healing process. At the core of nearly all mental-emotional anguish is fear, and fear always involves lies - either in part or entirely. What's more, fear is a trademark of the demonic world, but love overcomes fear.  I know this experientially, not just theoretically. I've been overjoyed to have heard from young people who've chosen life over suicide after reading 'The Delusion' series. My hope is that the books help many more young people to see their worth and quality of life through an accurate lens, one where they're empowered to overcome fear and lies with love and truth."

The Delusion series addresses a myriad of weighty issues and explores how spiritual oppression affects mental and emotional health and suicide ideations, as well as other wounding issues such as sexual abuse, fatherlessness, the occult, drug abuse, bullying and peer aggression, school violence, and promiscuity. In the first novel of the series, "The Delusion," 11 students at Masonville High School committed suicide by March of Owen Edmonds's senior year. He thinks it is a coincidence, but then a near-death experience allows him to see the otherwise unseen evil forces plaguing his school. Owen's heart-pounding journey will force him to reconsider everything he believes as the dangers loom too large to ignore.

"As opposed to lecturing or condemning, my goal is to inspire readers with the awesome realization that every human soul is priceless, starting with their own sense of significance and self-worth," said Gallier. "Just as Owen's eyes are opened to battles happening in the spiritual realm around him, I pray that readers understand just how precious they are to their Creator and how desperately the enemy is looking to steal and destroy their very souls."

Gallier's unique approach has received praise from a variety of experts. "As an expert and author in her field, Laura Gallier drew interest, not only from our school community, but also the surrounding neighborhood. She is an excellent speaker and has an amazing ability to combine statistics, medical data, and biblical principles with humor and passion. Laura truly has a gift in communicating," said Fox News and CNN commentator Steve Cortes.

Laura Gallier ( is an author and national speaker whose inspiring life story empowers students and adults to overcome enemies of the soul such as oppressive thoughts, emotions, and habits.  As an advocate of biblical truth in a skeptical generation, Gallier sheds light on many of today's most highly debated moral and social issues.

Laura is the author of the Christy Award award-winning novel series, The Delusion, and is the lead developer of the I AM WORTHY Mental-Emotional Wellness and Character-Building Program for Students in public schools. While other programs focus on behavior modification, I AM WORTHY addresses the core issue of self-worth. The video-based curriculum instills 21 vital, universal affirmations that convey the value of human life.

Laura Gallier's three-book set, The Delusion, releases from Wander, a YA imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, on February 20, 2024.




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