Luke Bower Opens Up About How He Came to Christ As He Prepares to Release EP

Luke Bower

Singer and songwriter Luke Bower is set to release his Fair Trade Services EP Man on Fire on January 28. Bower has built a healthy following on TikTok where he posts original songs and mini-messages about God's unfailing love. His rootsy, folk-leaning storyteller style is connecting, his audience growing larger every day.

With a raw, captivating voice and a natural charisma that draws the listener in, Bower's soul-deep songs evoke an emotional catharsis earned through his years of writing songs in secret. Teaching himself songwriting by writing songs that were only ever meant for God, shaped Bower into a door-flung-open truth-teller, his lyrics crafted specifically for the everyman.

Baylor revealed how he came to trust Christ. "One night, I was in my room, lower than I'd ever been. I was hopeless and fed up with not achieving what I wanted to do and what I felt like I should do. But God really revealed himself to me that night. I prayed and said, 'I can't save myself. Only You can. Please save me.' At that exact moment, there was a knock on my door. It was my dad, at 2 am, asking me to go on a walk. In that moment, I saw how God is there and actually cares about me. He saved me."

Since that dark moment, Bower's been on a journey of fully trusting in God. He's chosen to ignore the nagging inner-critic and do what he's been called to do. "Considering my musical background, I shouldn't be at a record label right now. It doesn't make sense. I know God wants me here." 


01. Haunted

02. Not My Home

03. Man on Fire

04. Halfway To Your Heart

05. Soul That Got Away

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