Two 7 Churches of Revelation Documentaries Hitting Theaters in March

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Thinking Man Films is back with the Bible Cinema Roadshow after launching with the acclaimed God of Heaven & Earth film in late 2023  and regularly releasing the beloved Patterns of Evidence films. By comparing biblical accounts with science, archaeology, and historical documents, their films strive to validate stories from scripture that are core to biblical faith.

Now, on March 10 and March 17, a pair of The 7 Churches of Revelation documentaries will be coming to theaters as a part of the Thinking Man Film's Bible Cinema Roadshow series, The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire examines the hostile environment facing the first three churches described in the book of Revelation. The questions are for the believer today: Are our hearts prepared for his return?  Is today's Church ready for these times of fire? Times of Deception investigates the final four churches and asks what important understandings are we to heed from the Biblical prophetic letters that point to the future? 

"This series on Revelation is needed now more than ever as we try to understand the world today as it applies to biblical events. Are we living in the last days? If so, how should we conduct ourselves?" said Tim Mahoney, founder of Thinking Man Films and the Bible Cinema Roadshow. "We see a great opportunity to bring these profound films into the local theater, which is a neutral location, to bring friends and family who may not want to go to a church but have great interest in this topic. People have lots of questions, and The Bible Cinema Roadshow events help bring answers as an educational and inspiring experience." 

In the series, Investigative Filmmaker Christophe Hanauer travels to present-day Turkey, where the 7 Churches were located, to uncover the secrets of these prophetic letters. He uncovered many clues to the daily hardships of these 1st-century churches. His discoveries from the archaeological sites reveal that Christianity had spread like wildfire across the Roman Empire, challenging ancient pagan worship and the order established by Imperial Rome. Emperor Caesar was intent on stopping it, punishing anyone who rejected his claim to deity.

With a circle of scholars and theologians to provide historical and cultural insights, we begin to see connections to the modern world. Within these mysterious letters, we find keys to the heart of God for His Bride. 

"The question of the end of time is of global interest. In this film, you will discover an urgent message for today,"  says filmmaker Christophe Hanauer. "As we head into uncertain times, let us prepare ourselves to be faithful and true."

Iconic Events Releasing and Thinking Man Films will host Times of Fire in theaters nationwide on March 10th & Times of Deception on March 17. For a complete list of locations, visit the Iconic Events Releasing website (theaters and participants are subject to change). Tickets are available at participating theater box offices. 

View the trailer and purchase tickets here:

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