Point5 Teams Up with Jermaine Bollinger on "Patchwork"


Renowned Christian rap artist Point5 is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, "Patchwork," to Christian CHR and Christian Rhythmic radio stations, featuring the vocal talents of Jermaine Bollinger on the chorus. This release marks a significant moment in Point5's music ministry, highlighting themes of hope, unity, and faith through its compelling lyrics and captivating rhythms. Embracing a life of faith after a promising career in the secular music scene, Point5's "Patchwork" serves as a musical embodiment of his transformative journey and dedication to spreading the gospel.

Watch the lyric video HERE.

Jermaine Bollinger, celebrated for his chart-topping singles and musical versatility, lends his seasoned voice to the chorus of "Patchwork," enriching the single with a sense of communal spirit and harmony. This collaboration underscores the song's message of unity in diversity, portraying life's challenges as pieces of a larger, divine tapestry.

Produced by Chris Higgins, "Patchwork" is a testament to the collaborative spirit of its creators. It extends an invitation to listeners to recognize their individuality as essential threads in God's grand design. Point5's transition from secular limelight to a meaningful ministry highlights the profound impact of faith and purpose, with his music continuing to inspire and offer hope to a global audience.

"Patchwork" champions the idea that our differences, when woven together, form a beautiful and cohesive whole. As the single reaches listeners through Christian radio, it stands as a powerful reminder of our collective strength and the beauty inherent in our diversity, all harmonized through God's masterful creation.

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