New TV Series "Testament" Tells the Story of Acts with a Modern Twist


Angel Studios is announcing the cast for the upcoming UK TV series TestamentDirected by Paul Syrstad, produced by Jackie Sheppard (ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA), and written by Paul Syrstad, Faith Syrstad and Kenneth Omole, the series takes place in a reimagined modern world centered around the events described in the biblical book of Acts. 

Produced by Roarlight, Testament boasts a robust and talented ensemble cast, including Eben Figueiredo (SOLO: A Star Wars Story, The Serial Killer's Wife), Charlie Beaven (The Crown), Yasmin Paige (Submarine), Stewart Scudamore (Risen, Carnival Row), Mogali Masuku (The Gold), Tom Simper (EastEnders), Kenneth Omole (Top Boy, The Parables Retold), John Omole (Chewing Gum), Aadar Malik (Modern Love Mumbai), and Bobbie Little (DOCTOR STRANGE in the MULTIVERSE of MADNESS), Gary Oliver (Game of Thrones, The Bible), Mido Hamada (American Sniper), Solomon Israel (Doctor Who), and Lizzie Hopley (The Crown, Time).  

In the early stages of its production, the series is already amassing an enthusiastic fanbase. In 2022, a film of the same name was released (TESTAMENT: The Parables Retold) and, due to the movie's response and acclaim, Roarlight entered a distribution partnership with Angel Studios for the multi-season show. 

Episode One follows the tumultuous journey of biblical heroes as they establish the early Christian church, just 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

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