Jonathan Cahn Unlocks Mind-Blowing Revelations About Our Future with New Book

Jonathan Cahn

After eight explosive New York Times best sellers, Jonathan Cahn's stunning new book, The Dragon's Prophecy: Israel, the Dark Resurrection, and the End of Days, will release on September 5, 2024, from Charisma House. "The Dragon's Prophecy" is poised to be another groundbreaking addition to Cahn's illustrious body of work.

Jonathan Cahn, named "one of the top forty spiritual leaders of the last forty years to have radically impacted the world," is known for uncovering ancient mysteries in biblical texts, while bringing forth messages of prophetic import.

The Dragon's Prophecy opens up an entire other realm of the unseen forces shaping our world. Cahn will uncover the mysteries never before revealed including the return of the Sea Peoples, the Dark Resurrection, the Black Sabbath, the Prince of Persia, the Countdown of Days, and much more and how it all converges into "End of Days" and end-time prophecy and much more.

The Dragon's Prophecy will reveal:

●  The ancient vision that reveals what is now taking place in our world

●  The ancient prophecy that explains the hidden dynamics behind the events of our day

●  The three thousand year old revelation that determined the attack of Hamas on Israel, down to the year, the month, the week, and the exact day-could it tell us the future, even giving us specific events that are yet to happen?

●  The ancient force that is now operating in the modern world, determining the course of current events, from Israel to that which threatens a Third World War

● The war we are in now in the midst of and unaware of its wage against us  

● The End of Days here

The Dragon's Prophecy will unlock mind-blowing revelations and what lies in store for the future, leaving readers to discern our world in an entirely new way.

The Dragon's Prophecy: Israel, the Dark Resurrection, and the End of Days, (Charisma House) by Jonathan Cahn will be available wherever books are sold September 5, 2024.






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