Sarah Kroger on Her New Album: "It's a Collection of Songs of Unwavering Faith"

Sarah Kroger

Worship leader and songwriter Sarah Kroger will be releasing her new single "No Filter," this Friday (March 1st). This is one of her most vulnerable songs she has ever released. 

"No Filter" is the first single from her upcoming album. It is a collection of songs inspired by her faith journey. Up until the last few years, that meant almost exclusively songs of unwavering faith.

Kroger writes, "For most of my life, despite the trials I experienced, my faith life had been pretty smooth. Connection with God came easy to me. I was comfortable with the mystery and the mess of it all.

"But in recent years, I've been navigating a very different terrain. So on this next project, I explored - and wrote from - both the peaks of faith and the valleys of doubt. From moments of intimate communion with God to moments of total silence and frustration with Him. You'll hear not just from Sarah the corporate worship leader, but Sarah the person on a walk with Jesus. A walk that is no more or less unique and complicated than anyone else's." 

Kroger is a Nashville-based worship leader and songwriter who has released five albums: Your Time (2011,) Hallelujah Is Our Song (2013,) Bloom (2019,) Light (2020,) and London Sessions (2023.) She is part of the multi-cultural trio Village Lights as well as the female collective FAITHFUL, two enterprises that are a testament to her prolific creativity and talent. 

As a contemporary worship leader in the Catholic Church, Sarah Kroger gives a new language to people's relationship with Jesus, inspiring her listeners to keep saying yes to vulnerability, intimacy, and honesty.



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