Redemption Praise Brings Cultures Together with their 2024 Women's Conferences

Redemption Praise

This Spring and Fall, Redemption Praise, led by the visionary Christian music artist Leanette Lopez, is set to transform the cultural landscape of Ohio with two groundbreaking women's conferences. These events, themed around unity, faith, and the power of song, aim to transcend cultural divides and foster a sense of global community.

In an era where the world craves unity, Leanette Lopez and Redemption Praise offer a beacon of hope and connection. "Music has the unique ability to cross barriers that nothing else can. It speaks directly to the soul, making it the perfect medium for bringing people together," says Lopez. Her leadership and talent pave the way for these conferences to become more than just gatherings; they are a movement towards a more inclusive and understanding world.

Spring 2024 Conference: The Voices of Hope invites participants to immerse themselves in a day of spiritual renewal and community. Set against the backdrop of the United Dayspring Church in Millersburg, Berlin, OH, the event promises an enriching blend of talks, worship, and music led by Lopez. Attendees are encouraged to secure their place at this unmissable event by visiting

The Fall 2024 Women's Conference marks a significant moment as Lopez returns near her hometown for a homecoming celebration. This event, hosted at Compassion Toledo, features Lopez as the keynote speaker and performer, promising an evening that encapsulates her journey of faith, resilience, and the unifying power of her music. Tickets are available at

Leanette Lopez's work with Redemption Praise transcends mere performance; it is a mission to connect hearts across the globe. Drawing from a diverse musical palette, she crafts songs that resonate with listeners from all walks of life, making her a pivotal figure in the contemporary Christian music scene.

As these conferences approach, they stand as a testament to Lopez's commitment to using her music as a conduit for change. "We're on the cusp of something truly special," Lopez reflects. "These conferences are just the beginning. Through them, we aim to build bridges of understanding and compassion that will last a lifetime."

Join us in this transformative journey of music and faith. For more information and to secure your tickets for the Spring 2024 Voices of Hope conference and the Fall 2024 Women's Conference, please visit the respective websites. Together, under the banner of Redemption Praise, we can experience the profound impact of Leanette Lopez's vision to unite through the universal language of music.

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