Bethel Music "MOMENTS: WAIT" Album Review

Bethel Music

Prime Cuts: Holy Forever (Live) (Jenn Johnson); Give Me Jesus (Spontaneous) (Abbie Gamboa, Jenn Johnson); Show Me Your Face (Spontaneous) (John Wilds)

Overall Grade: 4/5

Spontaneous worship is an essential component of congregational worship. It allows the church to take more liberties in interpreting songs over an extended time so worshippers can dwell in God's presence. As a result, many worship albums nowadays contain spontaneous worship and selah moments. Bethel Music is one of the pioneers in releasing albums worth of spontaneous worship. "Moments: Wait" is the follow-up to their 2018's "Moments: Mighty Sound." "Moments: Wait" draws inspiration from the book of Psalms. The theme of this latest project focuses on waiting on the Lord, as evident throughout Scripture--to sit and wait patiently for Him to come and reveal Himself in all His beauty.

The album revisits some of their formerly released songs and a few non-Bethel favorites. Most impressive is Jenn Johnson's take on "Holy Forever" (recently charted for Chris Tomlin and CeCe Winans). Singing at a more palatable key (in contrast to Tomlin's extra high version), this melodic and theologically packed anthem calls for churches to include it in their song set. Previously, "Give Me Jesus" was cut for Bethel's "Tides" album, which featured Matt Stinton on lead vocals. Unlike Stinton's version, which has a polished sheen, Jenn Johnson and Upperroom's Abbie Gamboa's version has a warmer and more intimate feel. Steffany Gretzinger's mesmerizing version of "Show Me Your Face" has inspired John Wilds to offer his take on the same ballad. Though Wilds' version is not as intense, the song's prayer to see God's face is so vital that it must be sung repeatedly.

The album's focus track, "The Blood (Live)," first appeared on the underrated Bethel album "Simple" and is thankfully revived by David Funk. The song is a declaration leading people into a deeper revelation of Jesus' transformative and redemptive blood. Elevation Worship's Tiffany Hudson does a seamless medley of "Forever YHWH/Worthy Of It All." Not to be missed is also Kristene DiMarco's "Jesus You're Beautiful."

An album full of spontaneous worship songs means it's a long (time-wise) record. Granted, the record needs to be heard within the context of worship, but for a casual listener, the album is very drawn out. Some of the songs go on and on for a long time, with the longest stretching over 11 minutes. This is not a criticism per se; it's just that the context needs to be accounted for when listening to "Moments: Wait."



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