Petrina Pacheco Testifies to Her Deep-Rooted Faith with "We Believe"

Petrina Pacheco

Independent Christian artist Petrina Pacheco proudly announces the release of her inspiring single "We Believe" to Christian AC and Inspirational radio formats. Originally unveiled on streaming outlets last year as part of her album I'm Not Her Anymore, "We Believe" has touched hearts and uplifted spirits, paving the way for its radio debut.


Co-written by Petrina Pacheco, John Chisum, and David Baroni, and produced by Chris Springer for iNOV8 Productions, Inc., "We Believe" stands as a testament to Petrina's deep-rooted faith and her journey from hardship to hope. Her music, including previous hits such as "Because of You," "I'm Not Her Anymore," "My Savior," "Be The Light," "I Can Feel Your Presence," and "Surrender," has consistently made a significant impact on the Christian Radio Chart (CRC).

"We Believe" encapsulates the essence of Christian faith, celebrating Jesus Christ's life, death, and promise of eternal life. The song is a powerful reminder of the hope and redemption found in belief, inspired by Petrina's own transformative journey from a life of addiction and despair to one of joy and service in God's name.

Growing up in Kiln, Mississippi, Petrina's early experiences led her away from her church upbringing, through personal trials, and ultimately to a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 33. This renewal of faith has since propelled her into a life of ministry alongside her husband James, with a mission to aid those facing similar struggles.

With its radio release, "We Believe" aims to reach even wider audiences, sharing its uplifting message with those in need of hope and inspiration. Petrina Pacheco invites listeners to embrace the song's powerful declaration of faith and to find solace and strength in its lyrics.

"We Believe" is now being released to Christian radio stations worldwide. Tune in to experience the profound message of faith, hope, and redemption that Petrina Pacheco shares through her music.

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