Jeff Deyo, Brenton Brown, Charlie Hall, and More Reimagine Powerful '90s Worship Songs

"Break Through the Stars"

Break Through the Stars, the new studio album from Nineties Worship Night's NWN Records, has released through Integrated Music Rights, part of the Integrity Music family.

The gorgeous new album reimagines a curated collection of some of the most powerful worship songs from the 1990s, performed by well-known artists, including original SONICFLOOd lead singer Jeff Deyo, Lenny LeBlanc, Brenton Brown, Lindell Cooley, Charlie Hall (with backing vocals from Christy Nockels), and Lisa Nicole (Out of Eden's Lisa Kimmey Winans), along with critically acclaimed newcomer Kim Gentry Meyer (Mrs. Massachusetts 2020), and more.

The album features stellar production from Nathan Nockels, Jordan Lake, Jonathan Crone, Zach Foty, Jesse David, Nashville Worship Collective's Will B. Smith II, and more.

Break Through The Stars is the public kick-off for a Nineties Worship Night-branded movement that has been quietly building for several years via live events in local churches throughout the country, featuring powerful, anointed, multicultural worship.

"Our goal for the Break Through The Stars studio album was to create a true multicultural worship album, reimagining some of most powerful 1990s era worship songs and featuring a mix of both well-known and grassroots worship leaders," says Chad Gentry, Break Through The Stars executive producer and president of Nineties Worship Night Productions, LLC, and NWN Records. "We believe this album will bring back cherished memories for those who lived through the era, and ignite a new fire of worship in those who were not there, both in younger generations of believers and in unbelievers who are drawn to Christ by the compelling music of this time period."

"The album also serves as a precursor to the upcoming launch of the Nineties Worship Night Docuseries, featuring exclusive in-depth interviews with Darlene Zschech, Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Martin Smith (Delirious?), Lindell Cooley, and more," continues Gentry.

Break Through the Stars consistently inspires and uplifts listeners throughout, starting with an upbeat contemporary pop arrangement of the instantly familiar "House Of The Lord (Joy In The House)" featuring the powerhouse vocals of Rodney Douglas Jr. (Nineties Worship Night Live).

From there, original SONICFLOOd lead singer Jeff Deyo lends his signature stylings to the title cut, the refreshing, acoustic/electric blend of "All Who Are Thirsty (Break Through The Stars)."

Next is the pensive ballad, "Take My Life" channeled through the stirring interplay of worship leader David Guerrero (Nineties Worship Night Live) and Scott Underwood, the original artist and writer of the song.

The legendary Lenny LeBlanc lends a warm and welcoming touch to an unplugged merger of his mega sing-a-longs "Above All/There Is None Like You," followed by former Passion worship leader Charlie Hall (with Christy Nockels on background vocals) contributing a modern version of his song "Give Us Clean Hands," wrapped around a momentum-building explosion of beats.

There's also the soulful crooning of Lindell Cooley (Brownsville Revival) throughout the horn-splashed "More Of Your Glory," the easygoing R&B bounce of "Just To Be Close To You" courtesy of Dare Records recording artist Lisa Nicole (Out Of Eden's Lisa Kimmey Winans), followed by a return to guitar-centered acoustics when Brenton Brown passionately delivers "Refiner's Fire."

Award-winning songwriter and poet, and Mrs. Massachusetts 2020, Kim Gentry Meyer, radiantly interprets "Breathe," backed by gorgeous piano. The mighty and moving Daniel Doss continues on the very same instrument for a clever mash-up of "Grace Flows Down/We Fall Down," prior to an epic modern rock interpretation of "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?" by Jeffrey Enochs (Nineties Worship Night's director of outreach ministries).

Kelsi Craig (Nineties Worship Night Live) conquers the breezy pop of "Hungry," followed by Jasmin Foreman and the Nashville Worship Collective team, who come together for a choir-filled gospel extravaganza throughout "Days Of Elijah."

Vineyard Worship's Casey Corum teams with Nineties Worship Night creators Chad and Karen Gentry to stir the soul with the instantly-infectious pop/rock punch of "Better Than," followed by David Guerrero's peaceful and poignant take on the grand finale, "The Heart Of Worship," to perfectly summarize the project's praise-filled spirit.

The album's title is taken from the new bridge Jeff Deyo wrote for Brenton Brown's classic '90s worship song, "All Who Are Thirsty."

"This song has such a history with me!" says Deyo. "We used to lead it when we were in SONICFLOOd. It touched my heart personally, and I saw so many people coming to the Lord. Come, Lord Jesus, come / Come, Lord Jesus, come ... just the heart-cry of a generation."

Deyo continues, "I was sitting there playing and preparing the song for the recording, and I started to sing these lyrics: Break through the stars / And come touch my heart with mercy / Won't You draw me in close and fill up my soul with love?"

"That is the heart of this song," says Deyo. "Come drink. Come fellowship with the Father and with Jesus. I'm just so excited to bring this song forward to a new generation."

"I'll never forget the night Jeff sent me a little voice memo, which is what became "All Who Are Thirsty (Break Through the Stars)," Gentry remembers. "Upon first listening to that amazing bridge that he wrote, I thought it was pure genius. I was so excited and I thought to myself, 'Wow, this whole concept of "break through the stars" would be a perfect album title for the debut studio album from Nineties Worship Night!"

For more information about Nineties Worship Night, NWN Records and Break Through the Stars, visit ninetiesworshipnight.comFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Break Through the Stars Track Listing (with comments from Executive Producer Chad Gentry):

"All Who Are Thirsty (Break Through The Stars)" featuring Jeff Deyo (original artist and writer was Brenton Brown). Gentry: Even though the original song was never on a SONICFLOOd album, the new version captures the feel of that group and is perfect timing for the 25th anniversary of that first SONICFLOOd album back in 1999.

"House Of The Lord (Joy In The House)" - featuring Rodney Douglas Jr. (original artist and writer was Danny Chambers). Gentry: This track is a derivative of Danny Chambers' original song "House Of The Lord," released by Integrity Music in 1998 on the Carry The Call album. Jesse David, the producer of this track, and I wanted to include a song on this album to honor our friend Danny Chambers, and we decided on this one. Jesse and Rodney Douglas Jr. collaborated on writing the new bridge for this version of the song.

"Take My Life" - featuring David Guerrero and Scott Underwood (original artist and writer was Scott Underwood). Gentry: Long story short, I got connected with Scott Underwood a couple of years ago and he quickly became a great friend and contributor to Nineties Worship Night. I then had the idea to feature Scott and my good friend David Guerrero on a remake of Scott's classic '90s worship song, "Take My Life." This song has meant so much to me through the years and I feel that we captured the original spirit with this modern production.

"Above All/There Is None Like You" - featuring Lenny LeBlanc (original artist and writer on "There Is None Like You" and co-writer of "Above All" with Paul Baloche). Gentry: I've been such a fan of Lenny for so many years and thought that it would be really neat to have him featured on this album, and he agreed! He stated that this medley he arranged for the album is his favorite version of these songs.

"Give Us Clean Hands" - featuring Charlie Hall (original artist and writer was Charlie Hall). Gentry: The Lord spoke to me very clearly that Charlie Hall needed to be part of Nineties Worship Night, so I contacted him. He agreed to be a part of our docuseries and then later agreed to record a remake of his classic song, "Give Us Clean Hands," popularized through the Passion movement. Christy Nockels joined him on background vocals for this new recording, and Nathan Nockels served as the music producer.

"More Of Your Glory" - featuring Lindell Cooley (original artist and writer was Lindell Cooley). Gentry: Because Lindell and the Brownsville Revival are featured in the first episode of the docuseries, I felt that it was fitting to invite him to be part of this album. He graciously agreed and liked my idea of doing a remake of his mid-'90s revival classic, "More Of Your Glory."

"Refiner's Fire" - featuring Brenton Brown (original artist and writer was Brian Doerksen). Gentry: When I was beginning to put together the track listing for this album, I wanted to include a feature of Brenton Brown somehow, some way. From our docuseries interview, I knew how big of a mentor that Brian Doerksen was to him early in his ministry, so I had the idea of asking Brenton to cover one of Brian's best-known worship classics, "Refiner's Fire." It was Brenton's idea to add a dobro, which really makes the recording!

"Breathe" - featuring Kim Gentry Meyer (original artist and writer is Marie Barnett). Gentry: Being one of the most popular '90s era worship songs, somebody had to cover this. Kim graciously agreed to do so, and we're so excited about this version!

"Grace Flows Down/We Fall Down" - featuring Daniel Doss (Chris Tomlin is the writer and original artist of "We Fall Down." "Grace Flows Down" was a popular song of the Passion movement in the early years). Gentry: I had come up with this specific medley for our Nineties Worship Night Live events. When I approached Daniel Doss about featuring on the album, I gave him a list of recommendations based on what was available from the '90s worship catalog. He ended up choosing this option and he did an absolutely wonderful job, not only singing, but also producing this track!

"Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?" - featuring Jeffrey Enochs (original writer is Martin Smith and it was originally recorded by Delirious?). Gentry: Jeffrey Enochs was my youth pastor when I was a teenager and also the lead singer of the worship band I was a part of during the late '90s. We always covered a lot of Delirious? songs, so I thought it would be fitting to feature him on this one!

"Hungry" - featuring Kelsi Craig (original artist and writer is Kathryn Scott). Gentry: We originally planned to release this cover on our upcoming live album, but our producer on the track (Jordan Lake) convinced me to turn it into a studio track because of how great it was turning out with our friend Kelsi Craig as lead vocalist on it. "Hungry" was also one of the most popular worship songs of the late '90s, making it a great choice for this album.

"Days Of Elijah" - featuring Jasmin Foreman and Nashville Worship Collective (the writer of this song is Robin Mark and it was popularized by Paul Wilbur). Gentry: I thought it would be fun to record a true "Contemporary Gospel" version of this song and I knew exactly who to call! My good friend Will B. Smith II produced this rendition, and he is also the leader of Nashville Worship Collective.

"Better Than" - featuring Casey Corum and Chad and Karen Gentry (original writer and artist is Casey Corum). Gentry: This song meant a lot to me when it came out during my late high school days. I've been privileged to connect and work with Casey on Nineties Worship Night since he's still currently a part of one our key partners (Vineyard Worship). I thought it would be fun for Casey to remake this song with my wife and I adding some vocals along with his strong lead!

"The Heart Of Worship" - featuring David Guerrero (original writer and artist is Matt Redman). Gentry: I first met David Guerrero back in the Summer of 1999 and we quickly rallied around our mutual fandom of the first SONICFLOOd album, which had been released earlier that year. One of our favorite tracks on that album was Jeff Deyo's rendition of the Matt Redman song, "The Heart Of Worship." When I asked David which song he wanted to lead on the Break Through The Stars album, he didn't hesitate in choosing to cover this. We teamed up with Grammy and Dove Award-winning producer Jonathan Crone to provide a fresh approach on this timeless classic.

"Just To Be Close To You" - featuring Lisa Nicole (original artist and writer is Fred Hammond). Gentry: Lisa Kimmey Winans (now known professionally as Lisa Nicole), formerly of the CCM trio Out Of Eden, is a contributor to the Nineties Worship Night Docuseries, and appears on our Break Through The Stars studio album courtesy of Dare Records. This track is a derivative composition with Lisa's new verses and bridge, while utilizing Fred's original chorus.



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