Deloin Scotton Celebrates Christ's Resurrection With "Mercy Said No"

Deloin Scotton

Songwriter, musician and worship leader Deloin Scotton celebrates the JOY of redemption through Jesus Christ in his composition "Mercy Said No." This praise anthem released earlier this year has captured the hearts and minds of music lovers around the country as Scotton shares the melodies that flows from his heart over the course of a few years.

Scotton gravitated towards music as a youngster, and grew up in a home surrounded by love and filled with music. "As the middle child of three siblings, we would often travel across the country with my father and mother", Scotton explains. "My father had his master's degree in music and so lyrics, notes and melodies have always been an intrinsic part of my life. Growing up, I never knew what my gift truly was. As children, we were well known for accompanying my father with our harmonies, singing as a family. Because of dad's teachings, learning about music was easy for me. I never gravitated to one instrument although I was intrigued by several. namely, the piano, bass, drums, and trumpet. It wasn't until later in life that I chose to focus on the piano.

As Scotton grew up and his passion and love for Jesus developed, so did his desire to write songs that reflected the posture of worship and adoration. "There has always been a melody in my heart and the desire to worship through song. It was later still, that I began to put down on paper what I was feeling inside. And as I began to write, the words just kept flowing. I think I've finally found my gift...WRITING! The songs that I've been inspired to write are a culmination of what I have felt inside of me for so many years. If God has given you something to say, say it. If He's given you something to do, do it. If He's given you something to write, WRITE IT!" 

Mercy Said No is already making impact at radio as the video reaches people via socail media. Scotton continues to seek the Lord as he prepares for the release of additional music over the next couple months.

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