Danny Roberts Shares Self-Penned “Jesus Satisfies”

Danny Roberts

For his first single of 2024, mandolin master Danny Roberts follows last autumn's hit instrumental, "West Virginia Red," with "Jesus Satisfies," a self-penned gospel song that flows from a simple observation.  

"When I wrote this song," says Roberts, "I was thinking about how it seems like no one is ever really satisfied with their situation or what they have or don't have. A working man with a family wants to be rich; a rich man wants a family and life like a working man; common people want to be famous; famous people want to be common; and on and on. The only real satisfaction that can be found is in Jesus. He is what we are all searching for and without Him there is no satisfaction.The world and all its treasures only give temporary gratification, but Jesus satisfies eternally."

With a fast pace and a brooding, modal tonality that expresses the agitation and unhappiness of dissatisfaction embodied in the first verse's final line- "It seems everybody wants to live in somebody else's house" - "Jesus Satisfies"'s verses offer brief yet vivid depictions of envious mirror images that give way to the chorus's heartfelt reassurance:

Don't be jealous of your brother, it will only bring you pain
Like the story in the Bible of Abel and Cain
The Lord made you a promise, your needs He will supply
So cast your cares upon Him, only Jesus satisfies

Banjo and guitar man Tony Wray and long-time friend Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton) bracket Roberts' sturdy vocal delivery with briskly virtuosic solos - the central one by Roberts himself - while strong harmonies give an added lift to the chorus, where the song's essential message resides.  

"I love singing gospel music," Roberts offers, "and having my wife, Andrea, and daughter, Jaelee, singing with me definitely makes this recording very special to me. I hope that it will be a blessing to everyone."

Listen to "Jesus Satisfies" HERE.



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