Upcoming Film SIGHT Sparks "I AM IN" Campaign; Creates a Movement Among American Chinese Community


Angel Studios, the studio behind the global blockbuster SOUND OF FREEDOM, joins iTalkBB in announcing the "I AM IN' campaign. Inspired by a powerful social movement that is already rising with the upcoming release of the film SIGHT,  "I AM IN" aims to encourage Chinese people to unite, tell their stories, showcase their contributions, and elevate the visibility of this community in western society.

"We believe that Hollywood needs to share more Chinese stories, and American society needs to celebrate the contributions of our Chinese neighbors," said Dr. Ming Wang, the subject of the film SIGHT. "Through the 'I AM IN' campaign, we hope to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the Chinese community in North America."

SIGHT tells the inspiring story of Dr. Ming Wang, M.D., PhD., who overcame childhood adversity to pursue his dreams of attending medical school in the United States. After receiving degrees at Harvard and MIT, Dr. Wang's groundbreaking invention of amniotic membrane contact lenses and his philanthropic efforts through his foundation have made a significant impact on the lives of millions worldwide.

Dr. Wang's story embodies the resilience and determination of the Chinese immigrant community in North America. Dr. Wang's journey symbolizes the aspirations of countless individuals who have come to America seeking a better life and striving to make a difference.

To join the "I AM IN" campaign individuals are encouraged to share their personal experiences of overcoming adversity and making contributions to American society on social media, using the hashtag #iamin and #thisis. 

An ambassador page has been created with graphics, assets, and additional ways to get involved. To help SIGHT shine brightly in theaters across North America, individuals are also encouraged to pre-purchase movie tickets online and at their local theaters.

By demonstrating strong demand for the film, supporters can help ensure that SIGHT receives the attention and recognition it deserves from mainstream audiences and media outlets, and opens the doors for more Chinese stories to be told. Through this campaign, we invite you to join us in celebrating the heritage, collective resilience, and affirming place in the global narrative. Together, we proclaim: "This Is Our Story, and I Am In."

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