Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Releases New Book, "Plans for Your Good"

Scott Morrison

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's highly anticipated book, Plans for Your Good, offers a unique insider's account of his faith-forward approach to operating at the top level of politics for more than a decade. During one of the most challenging periods since the Second World War, covering everything from droughts and wildfires to a global pandemic and recession, Morrison chronicles God's faithfulness throughout, win or lose, public criticism or public success. Plans for Your Good: A Prime Minister's Testimony of God's Faithfulness (Thomas Nelson) released today and is available everywhere books are sold.

"Most politicians write books about what they have done. This is not one of those books," Morrison said. "In writing this book, what was important was not what I did, but what God did for me, how He sustained and encouraged me in good times and bad, from a miracle victory to a crushing defeat, and how his faithfulness over a lifetime had prepared me for these times." 

Featuring a foreword by former U.S. Vice President Mike PencePlans for Your Good offers compelling and timely pastoral encouragement and reflections that serve as a guiding light for readers seeking to deepen their faith and navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

"God is always with us," continued Morrison, "whether 'for such a time as this' or all the other times. In all these times, His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 rings true: that His plans for us are for our good, to give us a future and hope. Through drought, wildfires, war, recession, pandemic, miracle election wins, and punishing election losses, I found this to be true."

Plans for Your Good is full of fascinating insights into some of the most significant global events and issues of our time. Alongside accounts of high-level politics in a new media age where cancel culture, identity politics and deep secularization is taking hold across so many western societies creating a truly post-Christian west, Morrison testifies to the faithful love and blessings of God. 

Morrison's honesty and passion for growing closer to God amid adversary is reflected in every page. His vulnerability and reflective answers offer a unique lens to understanding personal relationships with God and the blessings that can flow, particularly when trusting His way.

Today's release date is also significant, as it is two years to the day when Morrison conceded defeat to current PM Anthony Albanese.

Plans For Your Good is available now anywhere books are sold.

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