AWZY Releases His New Song "All Alone"


DREAM Records artist AWZY releases his new song "All Alone" today on all streaming providers.  This fun mid tempo song brilliantly mixes pop with the Slegendary soulful vocals of Sister Sledge, famous for songs like "We Are Family" among others."  The song was co-produced by Austin Moore and Chaz Young.

"I created 'All Alone' when I was listening to Al Green and thinking, 'music doesn't get much better than this.' 'All Alone' is really about boundaries. We all have relationships in our lives where someone important to us makes poor choices and we have to sit there and watch as they plummet because we realize we ultimately have no control over their decisions. 

Finally we come to a point where we must surrender to God and trust His will and pray that He works out everything for good.  That He will bring them back home in one piece. 'All Alone' is a giant collaborative project including international recording artists Camille Sledge, Tanya Tiet, Bernard Chaz, Jefferson Houston, and Julian Weinstein. There are more people involved in the creation of this song than any song I've ever made and it's no coincidence that it's one of the best ones." - AWZY 

Listen or Buy "All Alone" HERE.

AWZY is an artist and producer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Having worked with Rock and Roll legends Bob Ezrin, Alice Cooper, and Rob Halford as well as R&B/Soul Legends Sister Sledge, AWZY applies musical philosophies that transcend genre to create classic sounding music in a modern wrapping. AWZY has written and produced songs that have reached multi-millions of streams as an independent artist and producer. 

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