Katrina Hoover Lee's "Noise in the Night" Wins First Place Christian Indie Award

Katrina Hoover Lee's "Noise in the Night"

Do your kids love to read but you want something exciting, timeless, and inspirational for them? Noise in the Night, the third book in Katrina Hoover Lee's adventure series set in the 1980s, has taken first place for middle grade in the Christian Indie Awards. The adventure series, with a fruit of the Spirit background theme, has sold over 30,000 copies. Seven books are finished, with books eight and nine expected in the next year.

In Noise in the Night, young readers encounter a hostile young stranger and terrifying sounds in the dark. Can three brothers mend fences they didn't know were broken? If you or your child like positive role models, problem-solving, and turning enemies into friends, then you'll love Katrina Hoover Lee's wild tale. Readers typically start with book 1, where they first meet three teenage brothers, a project to learn the fruit of the Spirit, and a search for a missing surgeon that could change their lives.

"I just wanted to tell you how much this series means to me. I am a mom of six and am an avid reader myself and love seeing my children taking after that love as well...They love Bobbsey twins and Nancy Drew. Last summer I was lamenting that none of those books have character depth and then I found your series and have been absolutely thrilled by it! Not only mysterious but also full of fantastic nuggets of Christian truth." - a Maryland mom

Noise in the Night (ISBN 978-1735903583, paperback $9.99 or e-book $2.99, 222 pages) is available on Amazon with the rest of the series, or available from the author's website, where discounts are offered on sets.

About the Author: As a child on a Mennonite produce farm, Katrina created brothers Terry, Gary, and Larry, to help pass the time doing chores. She told stories about the three boys to her brother as they weeded strawberries, thinned carrots, or washed fresh eggs. Now she chases after her young daughter, walks the streets of Elkhart, Indiana, and seeks to join God's work with her husband Marnell and local Anabaptist church. Besides the adventure series, Katrina has written numerous books for a Mennonite publisher, most recently Kidnapped in Haiti.



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