Sound Street Announces Upcoming Album, "Good Seed"

Sound Street

"I have worked with Sound Street since they began singing," said esteemed Southern Gospel artist and producer Roger Talley when the trio was signed to Sonlite Records at the end of 2023. "Jarrod Vanderslice and Ryan Bilby have always been great singers and talented communicators. Jaylie inherited the natural, God-given musical talent and is now taking an important role center stage with Sound Street."

The truth of Talley's observations was borne out quickly enough with the release of Sound Street's first single, "Mansions," at the beginning of the year, but the upcoming release of their debut album for the label drives home the point in an unmistakable way. Infused with the energy of youth, the spirit of unshakeable faith and an abundance of talent, brought to life in settings molded by Talley's signature blend of creative innovation and mastery of tradition, Good Seed - now available for pre-save/add ahead of its August 30 release - reveals a group that has seized the opportunity to bring their music and its message to an ever-widening audience.

"In Mark Chapter 4," recalls Jarrod Vanderslice, "Jesus shares a powerful parable about a farmer who sowed seeds into his field. By leaving the seeds to grow in their own time, the parable illustrates the strength of the Gospel 'seed.' It reminds us that although we may not see immediate results, the Gospel will bear fruit at the right time. Our new project, Good Seed, embodies this message. Each song in this project represents a small yet powerful seed. Wherever you are today, these songs will take root and grow, offering you encouragement and the reminder that God's goodness will ultimately lead to a fruitful and fulfilling life in His perfect timing."

Indeed, each of Good Seed's dozen songs has been carefully shaped - first by their songwriters, a group that includes multiple contributions from Adina Bowman, Rebecca J. Peck and Tony Bowman, as well as familiar names like Matthew West and Joseph Habedank, then by Talley and the members of Sound Street - with an arrangement and a performance that underlines its unique yet universal outlook. Whether it's the soaring majesty of the stately opener, "Mountains Will Fall," which features Jarrod Vanderslice's convincing vocal, the excitingly modern touches that frame Jaylie Vanderslice's confident-beyond-her-years lead on their top 40 (and rising) lead-off single, "Mansions," the quiet warmth of "Looking Up" or the rootsy, acoustic flavor and trio focus of the closing meditation, "The One Who Is Unworthy," Good Seed is a collection that elegantly matches music to message to create a powerful artistic and spiritual listening experience.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working on this new project by Sound Street," says Talley. "It has one of the strongest collections of new songs that I have been privileged to produce. They are very wise and seasoned for their time as a new artist, and have chosen some incredible songs to showcase on this project. I can't wait for you to hear the vocal stylings of young Jaylie Vanderslice, the exciting and heartfelt interpretations from her dad Jarrod, and the powerful delivery of baritone Ryan Bilby. Their vocal performances are exceptional, and I know you are going to enjoy this whole project!"

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