Sound Street’s “Mansions” is a Joyous Reminder of the Promises of Heaven

Sound Street

After the announcement of their signing with Sonlite Records, Southern Gospel trio Sound Street is releasing their first single with the label. Called a "must hear" song by producer Roger Talley"Mansions" features the compelling voice of Jaylie Vanderslice backed by her father, Jarrod Vanderslice, and long-time family friend, Ryan Bilby.

Notes Jarrod, "'Mansions' is an up-beat and exciting song that reminds us of a place being prepared for all who believe in Christ. This latest release stirs up the promise that we will be with friends and family - and most importantly, Jesus - in a 'mansion for me and a mansion for you!'"

The song begins with Jaylie's vivid depiction of feeling weighed down by life and daydreaming about how sweet Heaven will be. Then, in the chorus, she proclaims:

In my Father's house
There are many rooms
I'm talking about a mansion for me, and a mansion for you
When He parts those clouds
We're gonna walk right through
Yeah Heaven's got a mansion for me, and a mansion for you

The song goes on to share what it might be like arriving in Heaven, with Jesus saying, "Welcome home!"

With its uplifting message and Jaylie Vanderslice's joyously convincing delivery, "Mansions" is an auspicious start to this new chapter for Sound Street.

Listen to "Mansions" HERE.


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