Disciple Ready to "Attack" on Sept. 23


Christian rock/alternative metal band Disciple are back with a new line-up of musicians and a brand new album "Attack" set for release on September 23 by the Fuel Music.  "Attack" is the follow-up to their 2012 Fair Trade Service album "O God Save Us All," which featured the single "Draw the Line" which made it to #45 on Billboard's Christian Song chart. The album debuted number 5 in the Billboard Christian chart and number 9 in the Hard Rock chart.

However, since the release of "O God Save Us All," many things have transpired.  For "Attack," which is the band's 10th album, founding member and band leader Kevin Young has a newly formed powerhouse line-up.  With Young, there are four new Disciple members: Josiah Prince from Philmont and Andrew Stanton from I Am Empire on guitars, Jason Wilkes from High Flight Society on bass and vocals, and Joey West from After Edmund on drums. 

"It's Disciple's best lineup ever," says Young.  "They have the perfect combination of being great players and performers, and are ridiculously talented songwriters.  One of my favorite things about these guys is that they have embraced where Disciple has been and love to play the classic songs for our fans, as well as have put every ounce of their souls into trying to take Disciple higher than we've ever been.  I think our fans have embraced them for that in return."

While each of the band members except for Young are new, Disciple brought back into the mix Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, TobyMac), who produced the first seven Disciple records. "I hadn't worked with Travis in six years, but we knew this was going to be a hard, aggressive record.  Travis recorded all of our hardest albums and working with him was like going home." 

A year in the making, Disciple's resulting album offers hard, experimental and atmospheric elements with "Dead Militia," "Lion" and "Angels And Demons," as well as gives a nod to long-time Disciple fans with "The Name" and the album's lead single, "Radical."

"I wanted to talk about Jesus loudly and without shame," says Young.  "That's why 'Radical' is the first track and our first single.  It sets the tone for what we want people to hear.  We talk about Jesus openly at every show.  We do an altar call.  That is who we are and that is what Disciple is called to do, and we hope that people hear the new music and say 'Yeah, now THAT'S Disciple!'"



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