Shane and Shane released ‘Bring Your Nothing’

Folk/worship act Shane and Shane released new album titled Bring your nothing. 11-track album released on Fair Trade Services was recorded by two friends who purchased an old house in Cedar Hill, TX, and turned it into a recording studio called Wellhouse Studios.

The duo collaborated with several artists such as Jason Hoard (Third Day), Tyler Chester (Fiction Family), Josh Moore (Caedmon’s Call) and Shane & Shane’s drummer, Joey Parish.

Shane Everett, “We had guys who were amazing players and great friends, and we just put it in the red and went for it. This is how people should make records. It was the most fun we’ve had. It was a blast!”

The songs were written during Shane and Shane’s weekly songwriting class in which they teach students songwriting principles and theology.

Shane and Shane’s Youtube channel offers the album preview, new song lyric video for “That's how you forgive,” as well as the story behind the project.

The lyrics of the song “That's how you forgive,” walk us through how the Lord forgives. The song points on how God accepts us through Christ no matter what we have done.

Lyrics, “You lived the life I could never live, You died the death that I deserve, You rose to life and now You live, That's how You forgive."

The title song “Bring your nothing,” was inspired by Isaiah 55. Barnard  says about the song, “What sets us apart as believers, what sets our message apart, is that you don’t bring your ‘fill-in-the-blank’ to make God happy.”

He continues, “You bring what you have, and what you have is nothing. That’s all He requires of us.”

During Shane and Shane’s 15-year music career they sold over 500,000 units and won multiple Dove Awards.

The duo leads worship at The Porch, a Bible study for 20 and 30-something singles. 

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