Skillet, 'Sick Of It': Unique Promotion Of New Single

Skillet, Christian rock band, has posted a unique promotion for their new single, 'Sick of It,' which was released in April, from their upcoming new album, 'Rise.'  The promotion allows fans to share the what they are 'sick of' with the world via social media.

Earlier today, Skillet tweeted, "Are you sick of it? See what the world is sick of and leave your own mark now at  ‪ ‬#Skillet #SickofIt"

The promotion page allows users to see what is currently being posted, the top ten items that have been posted so far, locations in which the posts are occurring, small profile images of the people posting, the percentage males verses females posting and the percentage of posts that are being made on Facebook verses Twitter.  It also features a lyric video of the new single that utilizes fan-submitted photos and videos of things that they are sick of.

The top ten #SickofIt items so far have been homophobia, hate, ignorance, Obama, politics, liars, bullying, depression, abortion and hypocrits.  It is also interesting to note that the majority of users are posting from Facebook rather than twitter.

The promotion page is  is powered by 'tweematic,' a division of 'metablocks.'  Meanwhile, the world map of the locations from which fans are posting from is powered by 'Leaflet.'

Skillet's new album, 'Rise,' is set to be released sometime in June, Mstars reported.  It will be the band's ninth album and some songs from the album have already been released on iTunes® including 'Sick of It,' 'American Noise,' and the title track, 'Rise.'  'Sick of It' and 'American Noise' have already become popular consecutively peaking at No. 1 and No. 2 on iTunes® Overall Rock Chart.

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