Hawk Nelson Chats It Up With Fans As Part Of The Family Christian Stores Hawk Nelson 'Takeover'

Hawk Nelson bassist, Dan Biro, chatted it up with fans on June 12, at 3 p.m., as part of the Hawk Nelson takeover of the Family Christian Stores Facebook page.

For about an hour the Family Christian Facebook page was open for fans to ask questions, make comments and simply interact with band.  The focus of the 'Takeover' was Hawk Nelson's new single, 'A Million Miles Away,' which is currently being featured on the radio.

Just before the 'Takeover' Hawk Nelson tweeted, "Don't miss your chance to chat with Dan! He's on Facebook right now! Go to ‪ ‬ to join in."

Biro began the discussion saying, "This is a fun tune, but also one with some very real meaning to it. We all have a past that we're not always proud of. But God forgives our wrongs, and with each day forward, that junk gets further away..... or a Million Miles Away!"

The 'Takeover' gave fans a very personal look into who the band members really are, namely Biro, as well as a chance for some one-on-one interaction.  Biro was very personable, as well, referring to fans by name and asking their opinions throughout the 'Takeover.'

Here are some of the questions that fans asked during the Hawk Nelson Takeover as well as the responses that they received:

1) What's your favorite song on the new album?:
My fave has changed a few times, it's bounced from What I'm Looking For, to Through The Fire, to now it's Fighting For. Which ones are u leaning towards?

2) What was it like after Jason left..what were your feelings Jon at the first concert you did as lead?
 I was definitely nervous, but I realized I didn't have to fill Jas' shoes, I just had to wear my own to the best of my abilities.

3) Are you glad that the changes happened? Do you feel like you somehow got strengthened in a way thru all this?
In a way, yes, i believe God takes us through these hard times and can grow us, especially our character. That has happened here 100%

4) When did you come to faith in Christ?:
This is Daniel here.... for me getting to know Christ has been a continual journey. From learning about him as a kid at church, to accepting his Forgiveness as a teen. Now as he works on me each day, well, he's just patient. Jesus loves us all, and i'm so grateful.

5) Do you actually enjoy meeting your fans or is it just an obligation you have to do/ How has Hawk Nelson been different ever since Jason left?:
I absolutely love the fans. Is there any reason to do this if people didn't listen and take
interest? I love hearing peoples stories and how everyone has a unique story to tell.

6) What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you guys while in concert?:
I (Daniel) was trying to make a big jump off of a riser behind the drums and..... well..... didn't land it! Someone caught it and posted it on youtube!

7) If you could make one wish what would it be?:
One wish, to be on The Rock and Worship Roadshow 2014! Would be a blast!

8) What's your favorite Bible verse?
Jeremiah 29:11 is a good one. God has great plans for each of us, and sometimes we need that encouragement when times are tougher.

9) Do you guys have a favorite city you like to visit while on tour? (crossing my fingers for the DFW metroplex!)
I do love taking a stroll along the KATY trail. It's too hard to choose a fave, it's fun to discover something new about each of them.
10) Who is the boy on the cover of Made?
Hey Bethany, the boy on the cover is the son of Will McGuiness, from Audio Adrenaline. Super cool kid.

11) Who's you're favorite band?
Who doesn't love Switchfoot and Jon Foreman lyrics?

12) Who will you be touring with in days to come?
It's a secret Amelia... shhhhhh i can't say

13) What has influenced your writing and (literature wise) could we possibly see a published book (your experiences) that might influence others to do the same? 
Wow, a published book, now you're onto something. I think when a band is faced with the question of packing it all in, or continuing, that really influences the purpose of why you're doing it. It's the hard times in life that grow us, and our growth in those times help define who we are.

14) What's the craziest thing a fan ever did at a show?

15) What is your favorite animal?
ummmmmm, a Hawk too cliche? you?

16) Millon miles away is a great song! How did you know that GODs purpose for you was spreading the word through music?
It's not that we set out to change the world, but God worked on us, changed our world. When God is so infinite, yet so personal, how can we not share about his love and second chances? It's just something we want to do. Thanks for asking.

17) How did you guys come up with the name "Hawk Nelson"?
It's a mystery, isn't it? And we prefer to keep it that way. What do you think the name means?

18) What is you favorite HN music video?
I (Daniel) would have to say, The One Thing I Have Left. From the kid, to the Rottweiler, it just looks sharp i think.

19) What is your guys' favorite Christian ska group from back in the day?
hmmmmmm, there were some goodies from Insyderz, to Supertones. But Five Iron Frenzy kind of takes the cake, no?

20) What is your guys' favorite thing to do to pass the time when you have nothing to do?
Hawk Nelson at your service. The answer varies with each of us, for me (Daniel) I love to get outside, bike, garden, walk, if its outside its for me.

21) What is the craziest thing a fan ever gave you?
One time, someone named their dog Nelson, which was a gift to us in a round about way!

22) Do you guys have a fan mail address?

*other additional questions may have also been asked/answered

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