LA Lakers Trade Rumors News Update: Who’s Left for the Lakers?

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The LA Lakers have been shown to be very busy this offseason while they focused on numerous moves in building up the team. According to some LA Lakers trade rumors news updates, free agent options still include names such as Jordan Crawford, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Michael Beasley and Eric Bledshoe, who still remains in the market in spite of the possibility of him signing with the Phoenix Suns.

Admittedly, a lot of experts and NBA enthusiasts alike had remarked on how they are not really expecting much to come out of the team this season. As confirmed by LA Lakers trade rumors news updates, players like Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer, and Ed Davis are among those traded into the team, although one might probably admit that they are hardly the free agent cast members that LA Lakers fans were definitely hoping to see. 

It might even be possible that the team has only just been taking things lightly for now, that they are just playing it cool so far as they plan out their next big move come next season. However, that seems to be something far away right now, especially when big players such as Kevin Love are gone, even Carmelo Anthony and so is LeBron James. Especially now that Kevin Durant is rumored to go back to his home at Washington D.C. after Oklahoma, one may wonder if the Lakers would still have anybody else in the team to pursue.

Catch more LA Lakers Trade rumors news updates to follow the story and see how all this will end.

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