Building 429, 'We Won't Be Shaken,' New Album To Be Released June 4

Building 429, popular Christian rock band, is set to release a new album entitled, 'We Won't Be Shaken,' on June 4.

"When asked what we were trying to achieve with this record, we thought back to a plaque on our manager's desk, 'What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?' We felt like that was the perfect mantra of this record," said frontman, Jason Roy, according to the Building 429 website. "We really felt like we wanted to make a record that said, 'Stand up! You have been called. We are God's children. Who can stand against what God has begun?' That's really our perspective. If you listen to the record you find that there's a little bit of bravado in it, but it's bravado from a standpoint of we don't have to always talk about how weak we are because His strength is made perfect in our weakness. That's what this record is about. This record says, 'Hey, let's go! Let's do this. God is going to use us and we're not going to fail."

Since the release of Building 429's last album 'Listen to the Sound,' from 2011, which featured the band's hit single, 'Where I belong,' a song that remained No.1 on the Billboard charts for 15 weeks in 2012, the band has grown and developed even further. "We know who we are better than ever before, who we are as men, who we are as husbands, who we are as Christ followers and that just pours into the music." said drummer, Michael Anderson, according to the band's website.

The new album focuses on serving fans and providing the substance that listeners are looking for. "We feel like we've made the most focused record of our career," Roy said. "We knew what we were trying to accomplish. We wanted to push the limits of what people expect us to do while maintaining the absolute laser focus on meeting our current fans where they are." They focus on being committed to the body of Christ and the church, while continuing to also be cool, fun and energetic. In this way, their message can be heard by both believers and non-believers. "As we headline shows this year, we want to make sure the gospel is clear and we want to love on people. We want our album to convey that," Roy said.

'We Won't Be Shaken,' was produced by Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins. "We've always enjoyed working with Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins. They are not only great producers and writers, but impressive musicians," said guitarist, Jesse Garcia, according to the Building 429 website. "They know about guitar sounds and tones. To be in a room with somebody who is producing, but also has that same mindset and to be able to have an open palette, the experience was just so great. I love working with them." The tracks were recorded with all of the band members together in the studio, rather than recording one piece at a time and putting them all together.

Roy said that the new album is meant to focus experiencing transformation through Christ and the idea that "the old is gone and the new has come." In doing the work of God, one cannot fail, because they have the most powerful force in existence on their side. "We're confident in saying that we're believers," he said. "We're confident in saying that there is a better life as a believer."

The band has already released the title track from the album, 'We Won't Be Shaken,' on YouTube as well as on some radio stations.  The band has also been performing some of their new music in concert and, although they are excited to released this new album, Roy said that the band really thrives when they are performing live.  "For us, we love the studio, we have a great time with that but, honestly, we're at our best when there's an audience in front of us that was can interact with," he said in in an interview with One One 7 TV.

"We're really excited about it and we've worked really hard on it.  This record has been done for... it's been sitting in the camp for almost like 6 months, so it's been done and mastered and we've been like ugh, we've been playing new songs for six months waiting for June the fourth," Roy said in the One One 7 TV interview.

On June 3, Building 429 tweeted, "Good morning big old world... Tomorrow is the day the world meets #wewontbeshaken Do you think they're ready? Jroy."

The album is currently available for pre-order and will be fully released tomorrow, June 4.


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