New Release:Building 429's 'We Won't Be Shaken' And Natalie Grant's New Single, 'Hurricane'

Building 429's highly anticipated new album, 'We Won't Be Shaken,' and Natalie Grant's new single, 'Hurricane,' have both been released today (June 4).

Songs from 'We Won't Be Shaken' have been featured on the radio and performed live, however, today will be the first day that the album is made available for purchase.  "We're really excited about it and we've worked really hard on it.  This record has been done for... it's been sitting in the camp for almost like 6 months, so it's been done and mastered and we've been like ugh, we've been playing new songs for six months waiting for June the fourth,"said frontman Jason Roy, in interview with One One 7 TV.

The new album features 11 songs including 'Get Up,' 'Bonfire,' 'Wrecking Ball (Press On),' 'We Won't Be Shaken,' 'Set a Fire,' 'Revolution,' 'All I'm Holding,' 'Best and Worst,' 'Blameless,' 'All The Glory' and the band's 15 week No. 1 hit, 'Where I Belong (Live).'  The third song, 'Wrecking Ball,' also features Blanca Callahan of the Group 1 Crew.  The album was produced by Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins and was recorded with all of the band members together in the studio.

The new album features a diverse mix of tempos and styles.  The title track, 'We Won't Be Shaken,' encourages believers to remain strong in their faith despite struggles and hardship.  "We wanted to write a song that said, 'hey, take heart, stand up, don't be scared, don't be timid,' and 'We Won't Be Shaken,' just became kind of our personal anthem," Roy toldOne One 7 TV.

The first song on the album, 'Get Up,' is a more fast-paced song.  It explains the transformation of one's life through Christ and encourages believers to remember what they were made for.  'Bonfire,' is a rock anthem with a strong drum beat that emphasizes the ability of Christians to  make a difference in the world.  'Set a Fire,' is a slow ballad that proves to be a request to the Lord to rekindle the fire inside of a believer.  'Wrecking Ball,' is a medium tempo song that suggests the importance of trusting God through good times and bad.

Aaron Branch, bassist for the band said that the song, 'Blameless,' is his favorite from the new album, according to the Building 429 website.  "Everyone knows who they were before they were saved, but the Bible says we are now in Christ through God. In God's eyes, we're blameless," he said. "His blood has washed us clean and we're righteous through Him. The lyric says 'You have made me blameless, sin has been made nameless, it doesn't matter who I was before.' It's a powerful lyric to me, and then the sound of the song is very epic and it just adds to the lyric. It makes you feel like: 'I am blameless!' I love that song."  

Roy told One One 7 TV that 'Blameless,' was one of the first songs he wrote on the album and that he wrote it for his father.  "For all people, including me, who carry burdens around, we always talk about our past and how it's such a burden to know what we've done in the past, but I don't think our past is meant to be our burden, I think it's meant to be our testimony.  And 'Blameless,' is the song that that I hope sets a few people free and reminds them that by the blood of Christ we become the righteousness of God and we have a hope and a future here," Roy said.

'Revolution,' has a rock anthem feel and calls Christians to form a revolution from the evil in this world.  'All I'm Holding,' is another slow-paced piece that reflects on Christ's presence in our lives after He has washed us clean of all of our sins.  'Best and Worst,' emphasizes God's ability to use all that we are, good and bad, for our good and for His perfect plan.  'All the Glory,' is a beautiful song about putting God before ourselves and acknowledging life is about glorifying Him, not glorifying us.  

Finally Building 429's hit song, 'Where I Belong,' is featured live and it emphasizes the idea that the world is not our true home and that, in patience, we have to wait in hope for the place where we truly belong.  It features energetic audience participation during the refrain.

The band hopes that their new album will remind people that they are made new in the image of Christ and that this comes with a strength that far surpasses human understanding.  "We really felt like we wanted to make a record that said, 'Stand up! You have been called. We are God's children. Who can stand against what God has begun?' That's really our perspective," Roy said, according to the Building 429 website.  "If you listen to the record you find that there's a little bit of bravado in it, but it's bravado from a standpoint of we don't have to always talk about how weak we are because His strength is made perfect in our weakness. That's what this record is about. This record says, 'Hey, let's go! Let's do this. God is going to use us and we're not going to fail."

Building 429 tweeted early this morning, "The new album has arrived on @iTunesMusic‪-‬ please download & enjoy! ‪ ...‬ #WEWONTBESHAKEN."

Natalie Grant also came out with a new song today.  Her new single, entitled, 'Hurricane,' shares many themes with the new Building 429 album.  It has a much more pop music feel to it, but emphasizes some very important aspects of faith.  It encourages believers to put their hope and trust in God in amongst hardship and the 'hurricanes' of life.  It also emphasizes the awesome power of God and the idea that His power can overcome even the messiest problems that we have in our lives.

Grant tweeted this morning, "Today's the DAY! My song #HURRICANE is available to download from @itunesmusic. ‪ Tell all your friends! Muah." 

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