All Things New, Christian Band, Released Debut Album 'All Things New' On June 1

All Things New, a young Christian group, has released its self-titled debut album on June 1.

The new Christian band is comprised of four 21-year-olds, Garrett Hornbuckle on vocals, Luke Wycuff on drums, Joshua Schou on bass, and Jeff Stein on guitar.  The young band began playing together in their mid-teens.  They covered songs by well-known artists such as Chris Tomlin and Hillsong and eventually began writing original pieces together.

The band was named with 2 Corinthians 5:17 in mind, which states, "therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come."  Although the band members are young, their new album suggests spiritual wisdom beyond their years.

"Their self-titled debut album contains the clarity of a hard-won life lesson: things break apart in this world, but God restores them. Combining heartfelt vocals and muscular musicianship All Things New will grip listeners from the first track," wrote Family Christian Book Store, according to the All Things New website.

A lot of what the new album is all about has to do with the story of Garrett Hornbuckle.  His childhood was gripped with chaotic family dynamics, having his father leave when he was only two-years-old and then his step father leave when he was 14.  As he grew older his mother was evicted from their house and his older sister had been sent to prison for drug use.  

"I live with Jeff and his family now, which is a testament to how close we are to each other in All Things New," Hornbuckle said, according to the band website. "It's really cool to have this family in my band."  This experience inspired the band's first single, 'New Man,' a song about transformation through Christ.  And the transformation is certainly evident in Hornbuckle's life,  as he stays in contact with his parents and former stepparents and remains hopeful about his sister who is currently in rehab.

Another song from the new album, 'Washed Over Me,' has been growing in popularity.  It is a song about how the love of God has the power to set us free from the chains of this world and it features dulcimer stylings as well as three-part harmony.

Other songs from the new album include 'In Your Reach,' 'Holding On,' 'Borderline,' 'Lead Me Home,' 'Greater Things,' 'Keep Me on My Knees,' 'Use Me,' and 'You Came for Me.'  All of the songs on the album address the theme of maintaining faith and trust in the Lord.  "Sometimes you go through harder things in life, but God has you in every moment. It's like with this band, even with all that has gone on in our separate lives, All Things New still happened, and we're doing this record. It's in His will. Sometimes we let go, but God holds on through every detail," Hornbuckle said, according to the bandwebsite.

The band allows scripture to inspire their songs.  For example, they utilized ideas from Isaiah 61:3 in their first single 'New Man.'  They also draw inspiration from their individual lives.  

For Joshua Schou the song 'Greater Things' proves to be his anthem, after having struggled with drug use and partying as a child.  "My entire life was centered around myself. I used to wake up and think: Who might have something that I want today?" Schou said, according to the band website.  "That song is a big one for me.  It speaks so much hope into your life. It's so powerful to know that as a Christian we have Jesus inside us, and we will do greater things because of it. I know now my life is not my own. I want my life to be devoted to Christ and serving others. That's what makes being in All Things New such a blessing."

The song, 'In Your Reach,' reflects a story about an outcast kid that Luke Wycuff and Jeff Stein knew who was close to committing suicide before he found friends and a community that cared for him at church.  Wycuff, too, had experienced broken faith a few years ago when his father lost his job, and he had to learn how to restore his faith.  "God has ingrained in us a love for Him," he said, according to the All Things New website.  "Everyone has that even if they don't realize it yet. When the weight of the world gets to you, it's that spark that brings you back."

"I feel like these are songs that people need right now. They carry the message of redemption and freedom in Christ who came and died for us while we were still sinners," Hornbuckle said. "All Things New is just so eager to share that hope."

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