Windows 9 Release Date, News, Rumors, and Update:s Microsoft to Announce New OS Next Month

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Windows 9 Release Date, News, Rumors, and Update:s Microsoft to Announce New OS next Month 

According to a new report, Windows 8 successor Windows 9, could be revealed as early as next month.

On September 30, Microsoft is planning to hold a press event. The Verge's Tom Warren reports that it is a tentative date. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reported a week ago that Microsoft has planned a "technology preview" for the new Windows operating system in late September or October. Both Foley and Warren also were the first ones to report the Windows 8.1 update.

Windows 9 might possibly not be called Windows 9. It is currently codenamed Windows Threshold, it is still unclear though if the new OS will actually be called that but speculations suggest that Microsoft has found that the Windows 8 name has not been given much of a positive feedback.

The new OS is expected to have vast variety of improvements which includes a "mini" Smart Menu, support for virtual desktops, removal of the Charms bar, and even the Windows phone virtual assistant Cortana. Hopefully the new update will not just be a user interface overhaul and that actual upgrades and improvements are distinguishable.

With word of a new operating system, many wonder how much would it cost. It's been claimed by WZOR, a Russian pirate group, that the new OS will be free for download but it has not yet been confirmed. Mary Jo Foley has claimed otherwise stating that different SKUs of Windows will be offered for free or at different prices to OEMs and consumers, and that the desktop version will have a price.

With Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft tried to have a unified operating system that is all carried by touchscreen enabled tablets that are able to do the same working and gaming conditions present with desktops and laptops, but has been proven to be unsuccessful. Windows 9 or Windows Threshold could be another attempt at having a unified operating system across multiple platforms.

Windows 9 is speculated to be released by September of 2015, with beta versions available shortly after the rumored press event coming this September 30.



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