Kevin Max Debuts His Solo Single "Light Me Up;" Watch the Lyric Video Here

Kevin Max
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DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline's former front man Kevin Max has just released his brand new single "Light Me Up."  The single which is lifted from his much anticipated forthcoming album "Broken Temples" (due in November 2014).  The album finds Max working with producers Rob Hawkins, Josh Silverberg, & others.  The first single, "Light Me Up" is already available on most online stores, including iTunes.  

Regarding this new season of his own solo career, Kevin says, "I have spent the last two years being refined and restored. I feel revitalized. I am excited about what is around the corner for my family, friends and the music that God continues to gift us with. I have no desire to run from Nashville. I have no desire to run from what I have continued to pursue in the Christian Arts. If anything, I feel that these last two years have given me the tools and desire to make the best art I can within this industry. One of the first dc Talk monikers was 'if it's Christian, it ought to be better.' That is my new goal and again more than ever, a slogan in my life. I, Kevin Max, promise to dive deep into music, poetry, stories and imagination, but most of all into the web of wonderful relationships and people that God has brought into my life on this amazing journey of the soul." 

In a revealing interview with New Release Tuesday, Max talks about his new single "Light Me Up;"  "I took a stab at writing a radio song, and was thinking about the common denominators people are dealing with and listening for in a song. What can people relate to? The basic overview of my thoughts as a follow up to Kings & Queens was to continue the story of redemption and encapsulate a little bit more of my backstory of being in a valley and going through pain. I wanted to put thoughts of going through doubts of my Christianity and why God called me to do what I do into songs, and further explain my redemption story that is lived out every day."

He continued on about his own personal journey and knowing the feelings of great success and great failure. Max specifically wanted this track to be about finding hope. He said, "After you've gone through a period of wandering through a valley, or personal failures, or hurts, or a situation in your life where you are searching for the answer, when you find the answer it is like a lightning bolt through your head. It is like a Saul to Paul conversion. That's the basis for the song."

Watch his "Light Me Up" Lyric Video below:




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