iWatch: Adding to Apple’s Gadgets Release Date Unveiled


iWatch: Adding to Apple's Gadgets Release Date Unveiled

The rumor that Apple is working on iWatch, the first of its kind from Apple that will reportedly allow users to monitor their health and well-being status through a watch first surfaced in December 2012. However, it was the first quarter of 2013 that the rumor mill started turning when NY Times started to run the article about it.

Much has been said about the iWatch and an October launch was said to be scheduled. October is fast approaching but up until now, there are still no leaked photos of the said accessory so none of us really knows what it will look like. But despite that, people already have a mental image and a specification that they expect from it.

In the physical aspect of the iWatch, rumors are it will be available in different screen sizes and materials to be used for it may also vary. The size of the screen may be up to 2.5 in. diagonally and one of the models will likely come with a sapphire display. With the iOS 8 already launched last June 2; it would be likely that the iWatch will also have it as an OS. In fact, it's been said that iOS 8 was created for the iWatch.

Apart from being a fashionable watch, iWatch is also set perform tasks that no other watch on the market can perform all at once. It's rumored that it can receive messages, notifications, voice calls and have some advanced capabilities in mapping which may include NFC integration.

iWatch main capabilities are said to be in the health and well-being department. It's said that it will be able to track heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned and quality of sleep. Amazing for a watch, huh?



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