‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers: Exclusive Info

'House of Cards' Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers: Exclusive Info


House of Cards
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House of Cards Season 3

There is a lot of buzz around the 'House of Cards' Season 3 release dates. Rumors mills are hot and claiming the premiere in February 2015. Well, that's obviously not a new piece of information for serious fans considering that both the previous seasons were also released sometime in the February and the makers will be keen to follow the pattern.


However, we have a new set of information that reveals that Netflix is keen to keep House of Cards Season 3 release date in the first week of February. The makers have been asked to wrap-up filming as the earliest.

Meanwhile, it's already confirmed that Netflix will be releasing every episode simultaneously to keep the fans in charge of how much they want to indulge in, which is going to keep a lot of us awake for several nights.

House of Cards Season 3 Spoilers

Ever since Netflix confirmed Season 3 and Beau Willimon uploaded a captioned photo reading "Fun with air ducts on the @HouseofCards stages. @netflix", there are rumors of what's going to happen this time around.

We know that Frank Underwood has achieved his goal of becoming the President of the United States. We also know that he's become more ruthless and we also know that there are many loose ends that he has failed to deal with, which will certainly bring in some drama in the next season.

So what happens now that Underwood is the most powerful man on the planet? Beau Willimon likes to weave, interlace and intricate the plot without bothering about the time it's going to take. That's precisely the reason so many people love the series and are ready to wait for what he will offer in House of Cards Season 3.

International Affairs?

There's news that this political drama is now going international with a lot of Russian sub-plots coming in. In fact, there are speculations of some Russian actors being spotted with the makers. Even the Wall Street Journal has reported a meeting between Pussy-Riot members and the show creators. (expect Russians in House of Cards 3 cast)

The metaphorical house of cards is also something Willimon will certainly play around with. Now that Frank Underwood's house of cards is ready (he being the President and all), there's  possibility that it will come down to the ground in this season.

And of course then there are long standing House of Cards Season 3 spoiler updates of Doug Stamper surviving, a more intriguing role for Robin Wright, adventures of Gavin Orsay and Cashew, and after effects of Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo's death.


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