Judith Hill, The Voice Star: Understated Christian Beliefs

Judith Hill
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Judith Hill, breath-taking vocalist who was unexpectedly eliminated from the fourth season of the hit television show, 'The Voice,' on May 28, appears to have a very Christian foundation underneath her pop-star exterior.  A 2011 interview with the Christian Post suggested that her understated Christian beliefs play a key role in both her life and her music.

"Being a Christian should influence every aspect of our lives. We take our faith wherever we go, whether we are working at a store or driving," Hill said in the 2011 interview. "For me, music is probably the main thing I do in life and my faith in Christ always comes up in lyrics and my overall worldview.

Although Hill's music is not specifically Christian, many of her songs contain themes that have Christian undercurrents.  "When I write messages of hope, love, relationships, struggles, pain, there is an underlining message of hope in Christ and I think that is what drives the hope in my life and I take that wherever I go," she said.

During the time of her 2011 interview with the Christian Post, Hill was preparing to do a benefit concert after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that had devastated Japan, the country where her mother was born.  "My message to Japan is to know that God loves them and that the whole world is keeping them in their thoughts and prayer and to stay encouraged knowing that they will get through this difficult time," she said. "We all love them and my mind hasn't gotten off the subject ever since it happened."

Hill has also incorporated her faith into her career in other understated ways.  In 2012, her music appeared on the soundtrack of a Spike Lee film entitled, 'Red Hook Summer.'  The film contains religious themes and is centered around the story of a teenager named Flik who discovers a world unlike his own when he is forced to spend the summer with his grandfather, Enouch Rouse, a renowned bishop at a brooklyn church.  Hills songs on the soundtrack contain slight religious undertones, particularly in the song 'Colour of the Wind.'

In addition to her time on 'The Voice,' Hill's true claim-to-fame was really her experience working with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, for his anticipated 'This Is It' tour, which was ultimately canceled due to his untimely death.  Hill also appeared to perform at Jackson's memorial. She has recently starred in the 2013 film, '20 Feet From Stardom,' released earlier this month, a film that reflects upon her experiences working alongside Michael Jackson.  According to the '20 Feet From Stardom'website, the film, "shines a spotlight on the untold true story of the backup singers behind some of the greatest musical legends of the 21st century."

Hill has also been working on a new album, which she hopes to release to the public sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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