Love & The Outcome: Debut Album To Release August 27

Love & The Outcome- Debut Album

Love & The Outcome, new breakthrough Christian duo, is set to release their self-titled, debut album on August 27.

Love & The Outcome is a Canadian couple, comprised of Chris Rademaker and his wife, Jodi King, from Winnipeg Manitoba.

The upcoming album will feature their pre-released single, 'He Is With Us,' along with ten additional tracks. "'He Is With Us,' is a song about trust. We can trust our God because he knows what he is doing," Rademaker said, according to a bio by K Love. "That is not always an easy thing to do."

The song was kind of an anthem for them, personally, as well as their audience. "Chris and I have been through a lot of tough times, between [his] mom getting sick and us canceling a year's worth of shows to be with her, and then to kind of look at our life and go, 'Really God,' like, 'Are you with us?'" King explained in an interview about the new single. "It didn't really feel like it, you know, in that second, but He showed us that he had never left our side."

The couple began their career by packing up their lives in Winnipeg, selling everything they owned and taking to the road in response to a challenge from God. "We kept traveling and sharing our songs with anyone who'd listen," King said, according to K Love. "That's what makes this record so special and so different: We were living on the edge. There is a hunger, a letting go and a grabbing-hold-of at the same time. We lived in the middle of so much tension in those two years-coming to know who God was-but also coming to trust the journey."

The experience of traveling and performing proved to be a humbling one for the young couple, illustrating for them the equality of all people in the eyes of God. "We've traveled to Liberia, the Philippines and China in the last couple of years," said Rademaker. "When you're together and you're worshiping, everyone is the same. It doesn't matter what you look like or what you smell like: Everyone wants to welcome you into the family."

The couple aims to combine their love of both pop and rock music in order to create a catchy and inspirational blend of music that impacts a diverse audience. "We want to inspire people to follow Jesus," said King. "We want these songs to become a lifestyle, and hope that the truth of these songs goes beyond the thrill of the live show to plant a seed in people's hearts: to go for the things that they might be afraid to go for and join this joyful revolution. That's the whole point. A life that requires faith is worth living, and a life on the edge is one where you live hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm with God. That's what we're living for."

Love & The Outcome plans to perform at various churches, fairs and locations throughout the remainder of the Summer, including well-known Christian churches like Cornerstone, Crossroads and Elevation.

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