For A Season: Mandisa's 'Stronger,' Cover Music Video Featuring Cancer Survivors And Their Amazing Stories, Released July 29 [Watch Music Video]

For A Season
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On July 29, For A Season released their cover music video of Mandisa's hit song, 'Stronger,' off of her 2011 album release, 'What If We Were Real.'

The video begins with an introduction by individuals who have survived cancer or are currently battling with it. Each person introduced themselves and the unique form of cancer that they were diagnosed with. When they were each diagnosed with cancer their ages ranged from as young as 12, 22, and 26.

The song that For A Season chose to cover is Mandisa's encouraging anthem, 'Stronger,' which speaks a message of hope in the wake of hardship. The lyrics to the refrain read, "When the waves are taking you under/ Hold on just a little bit longer/ He knows that this is gonna make you stronger, stronger/ The pain 'aint gonna last forever/ And things can only get better/ Believe me, this is gonna make you stronger."

The middle of the video returns to the story of those five individuals who were diagnosed with cancer. They explain that many of them were healed miraculously by the hand of God and all of them have been able to see God's faithful love and support throughout the recovery process. Through the love of God, even in the toughest of times, these individuals were able to persevere and lean on their faith to find hope in a situation that seemed hopeless. Through God, they were each made stronger.

For A Season departs from the style of their most recent EP, 'Lion Hearted,' with this cover. Rather than featuring the band's rock-oriented musical style, they focus instead of staying true to the integrity of Mandisa's pop style hit. The music video features acoustic instrumentals with a heavy emphasis on Brian Keating's stylistic vocals.

Throughout the video a painting is being made (by bassist, Joshua Noom) with a chaotic combination of colors and, in the end, when various pieces of paint are peeled away, the painting reads, "Jesus Is Stronger." The video was filmed by Derrik Gregory and Margo Brewster and was mixed and produced by Josh Cob in Rockbot Studios.

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