‘iPad Pro’ Another Innovative Gadget that is Something to look forward to Know its Release Date and More

iPad Pro

'iPad Pro' Another Innovative Gadget that is Something to look forward to Know its Release Date and More

There have been mixed reports on the launch date of the iPad Pro. Rumor has it that the bigger Ipad will be out for market availability by early 2015 but according to earlier speculations, it may be released by October of this year.

Although not is certain yet at this point, words are also being spread that the iPad Pro will likely have a 12.9 inch screen to meet the enterprise market demands. The new iPad model is designed to be a professional tablet with two versions, a 2k and a 4k resolution screen to cater to the needs of the target market which is said to be businesses, schools and government as they have needs for "larger display".

On the other hand, there also have been comments that the iPad Pro will not be much different from the previously released Apple tablet models. So, what will set the new iPad Pro apart from its smaller brothers and competition? An additional feature called "Touch ID" will be present which unfortunately, is not as said a "breakthrough feature" to tempt tablet users to switch to Pro. Hence, Apple added another feature which is not present with Pro's brothers which is the "Voice Call" feature. Although it would be unlikely that users will actually hold their tablet in their ear to make actual voice calls, this voice call capability will definitely catch the interest of some tablet users.

The success of the iPad Pro is yet to be seen when the final release date comes.


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