iPad Pro Release Date Rumor Report: Specifications, Features,Price & Launch Date Predictions

iPad Pro

iPad Pro Release Date Rumor Report: Specifications, Features & Launch Date Predictions

Apple's iPad Pro release date rumors need a verification. That said, we tried to get into the subject to find out what's the reality. The biggest rumor is Apple is producing a 13-inch iPad tablet to beat the competitors.

Apple's seems to have understood to changing consumer demand patterns. It is seen that mobile phone users are opting for smaller and smaller size phones. But a large group of people still prefers large screen phones and tablets that allow them to browse the internet, check emails, visit websites and shopping. Tablet comes in handy in this case though it is comfortable for calling.

Apple is trying to tap in both the segments and has so far succeeding in keeping all the customers happy. As per some sources, Apple is said to be developing iPad Pro tablet which would be biggest tablet ever from Apple surpassing Samsung's recently released 12-inch screen panel Galaxy Note Pro with a new 12.9-inch screen panel. Apple is focussing on size this time. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple's suppliers are ready to begin the production of iPad Pro 13-inch tablet in the first quarter of 2015. Sources report that iPads with larger screen would surely boost the growth of the tablet industry. Price is rumored to little expensive or equivalent to Samsung's Galaxy Note Pro.

Rumors have predicted the specifications and features of the new iPad Pro as 2GB to 3GB RAM, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, superior camera, powerful battery, enhanced Siri and an Octa Core Processor. As per rumor mongers, the iPad Pro will come in two variations and in two screen resolutions viz 2K and 4K. Apple has so far not commented on anything about the iPad Pro. Not a single word.

Some industry experts believe that Apple's iPad Pro release date could be in March, 2015.


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