Body and Spirit


Tasha Cobbs - Grace
(Photo : EMI Gospel)
Tasha Cobbs - Grace

You're always told that you should take care of your body through diet and exercise. ("Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables." "Antioxidants are good for your health." "Get plenty of whole grains." "Work out x amount of minutes per day.") But what about your spirit? Having the lowest BMI and perfect blood glucose, sodium and cholesterol numbers won't mean a thing to your soul. Prayer, reading Scripture and listening to faith-based music can do for your spirit what healthy living can do for your body.


Music for Your Spirit


"Ready or Not" - Britt Nicole f/ Lecrae

From the song ...

I'm not ever selling out love
A love out loud is what it's all about
Giving everything to see the lost get found
Yeah, it's going down
You, you, you want me to take my light
Fit it in your box right
I want u to look me in the eye eye eye

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