'Reign' Season 2 CW Release Date 2014, Spoilers, Cast Updates & Watch Latest New Trailer Here (VIDEO)

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'Reign' Season 2 CW Release Date 2014, Spoilers, Cast Updates & Watch Latest New Trailer Here (VIDEO)

"Reign" Season 2 premieres in a few weeks and a new extended trailer has been released, which you can check out above. 

The hit CW show will premiere Season 2 on October 2nd at 9pm. 

Executive producer and co-creator Laurie McCarthy spoke with BuzzFeed and hear were some highlights of the story lines:

On Mary & Queen Catherine: "We'll see their relationship twist and turn a lot into many different iterations this year, It will be less black and white than Catherine simply wanting Mary gone, but there will be moments - that will be earned by story - where Catherine is most definitely going to want Mary gone."

On Kenna & Bash: "Bash is going to be drawn closer and closer into Francis' rule. His brother is going to lean on him a lot, and the more [Bash] tries to protect and defend his brother, the more complicated his life is going to become. She's [Kenna] so unedited and I love that, but Kenna's incredibly ambitious and a little bit reckless - and I don't see that changing because she's happily married."

On Mary & Francis: "It's [the baby] a thorn in their marriage and Francis will have a bond with Lola that isn't necessarily sexual - although it clearly was at one point. Francis is eager to have a family and it puts a lot of pressure on Mary, who historically had incredible difficulty conceiving. And the harder his job gets, the more pleasure he'll take in simpler things, and [his son] is a simpler relationship."

TVLine has reported that the show will be bringing in four new characters to the "Reign" cast Season 2, they will be:

- Princess Claude - The "never-before-seen" daughter of Queen Catherine and King Henry. Since King Henry's death was unexpected, Claude might be returning to the castle to mourn her father ... or possibly to get a piece of the throne for herself. Whatever her motives for returning to the castle are, she's described as being "very sexually advanced" and a bit of a trouble maker.

- Narcisse - Queen Catherine can do some damage with her harsh words and deadly poisons, however Season 2 will find her using another method to protect herself - sparring. Narcisse, who is described as being "much older," will become Catherine's sparring partner and potentially get himself in some trouble within the castle walls.

- Conde - a "Prince of the blood", details about the mysterious (and oddly named) new character are scarce, but TV Line reports that he'll strike up an "unusual friendship" with Francis.

- Prince Thomas - We're not sure how Prince Thomas is connected to the French royal family, but Francis better watch out. Thomas "may be the next king of France sooner than he'd imagined."

"Reign" is an American historical fiction television series following the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1557 France. The series is created by Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy. 



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