Apple Created a Way to Remove U2 album From Apple Devices

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Apple Created a Way to Remove U2 album From Apple Devices

Apple is handing out instructions to iTunes users on how to remove the free U2 album from their devices. According to 9to5macthe sheer volume of irritated iTunes users made Apple set up a site solely dedicated in removing the unwanted U2 Album.

U2 Album - Song of Innocence

9to5mac reported that Apple's CEO Tim Cook, together with U2, gave the band's new album for free to iTunes users. The "Song of Innocence" album is a gift from Apple and it seems that this gift can be automatically downloaded to a user's iTunes library. This automatic download feature of iTunes, is probably the reason why a lot of users are complaining about the free album. A substantial number of iTunes users simply do not want the U2 album, even if it's free.

There are around 500 million iTunes users and at least 2 million of them downloaded the U2 album. Based on the iTunes users who downloaded the free U2 Album, the high number of complaints is somewhat puzzling. Still, Apple released instructions on how to remove the album because of these complaints.

Apple Instructions in Removing the U2 Album

  1. Visit the website,
  2. Find and Click the Remove Album button.
  3. Type the same Apple ID and password that you use when buying in iTunes Store.
  4. A confirmation message will appear to inform you that the U2 album has been removed.

In case the free U2 album is already in your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can simply delete it manually.

An Expensive Gift to Waste

The U2 gift has cost Apple $100 Million USD, as reported by the New York Times. The company even launched an ad video featuring the U2 album.

For those who would like to download this album, you only have until the second week of October 2014 to make up their minds.

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