Serena: Release After Oscar In 2015 :Reasons For Delay is Not Creating Impression on Buyers

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"Serena" Release Date Declared: Spoilers Seem To Be Humorous and Addictive

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper film Serena is set to be released in the beginning of 2015, but still existing confusions over the distribution. Recently Magnolia Pictures has acquired and declared the release date for this year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the distribution company declared they do not have the plan to distribute the movie in the US on Oscar season. The future of Serene was seemingly obscure for some time. The quality of the movie under suspicion as it has already originated under the collaboration of Lawrence and Cooper's Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, Insidemovies reports.

Oscar winner, Director Susanne Bier's movie was rejected by distributors as of three reasons: the depression era drama of three different personal screening, but the buyers are not interested with these points. "Three different cuts of the Depression-era drama, at three different private screenings, but from the sound of it, none of these versions managed to impress", Yahoo reports.

Serena is the adaptation of the novel "Serena", it is dealing with the depression period in1930 in the U.S., it also mentions about the life of George Pemberton and beautiful wife Serena. Pemberton returns to Western North Carolina after he stayed three months in his father's estate in Boston. Pemberton reached at the town of Waynesville, where he met a beautiful pregnant woman Rachel Harmon, and her father Abe. The father is hiding a knife and waiting for someone, at the same time Pemberton found his business partners Wilkie and Buchanan there. They are working along with Pemberton at the Boston Lumber Company.

 Pemberton has a co- traveler too, Serena, she has been with him from North Carolina, he found her from there and engaged with her. Pemberton introduced his wife to his partners, who also liked the appearance, personality and dress code of Serena. When she met them she greets them with a shake hand. They impressed that one too. Thus Serena starts to live at the lumber camp. The movie shares the wonderful experience and the difficulties they are facing from the surroundings of the camp. 



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