KJ-52 Reveals the Cover to His New Album "Mental" Cover and Track Listing


After some delays, Christian rapper KJ-52 will be releasing his newest album Mental will be released on October 21.  The new album will feature guest appearances by Lecrae, KB, Tedashii, and, Soul Glo Activatur in pumped up jock jam anthems.

About the album, this is what KJ052 has to say, "It feels like this world has gone mental, like up is down and right is wrong. My hope is that through Mental people will understand that there is calm in the midst of the chaos. More than anything, we need to renew our minds, set them on that Higher Power." 

The first single is called "Tonight" and features KJ singing over a grooving club track that has hints of EDM. His approach he said was to "try something unexpected and get some people's attention." He even dabbles in a reggae jam on the album. Another highlight on the album is "Misfit Toys," which, to quote the song says "the skate kids, emos, straight kids, weirdoes, gay kids, losers, broke down zeroes... don't you forget you are loved."

"I was that kid. I felt like an outcast until God showed me a way and put me in training, so to speak--taught me another way of thinking. So often taking a stand for truth and love in the world can make people say we've gone mental; but it's when we choose to go against the grain that we begin to make a real difference," he said.

Jonah Kirsten Sorrentino, better known by his stage name KJ-52, is a Christian rapper from Tampa, Florida. The "KJ" part of his name refers to his old rap alias, "King J. Mac," a name which he later described in one of his podcasts as "horribly cheesy." "52", which is pronounced "five two", not "fifty-two", is a reference to the Biblical story of Jesus feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fish, which is also sung about in his song "Push Up" from The Yearbook and in the "KJ Five Two" on It's Pronounced 'Five Two.

He was awarded the Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year for "Never Look Away" and Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards of 2007. On July 28, 2009, KJ-52 released "End of My Rope", which is the first single for his album Five-Two Television. His song "Dear Slim" is based on Eminem's song "Stan" and is a sort of personal message from KJ-52 to Eminem. 

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Gameface (feat. KB, Soul Glo Activatur) [1st Half Edition]
2. Fight Music (I Don't Do Black or White Music) [feat. Lecrae & Propaganda]
3. Island of the Misfit Toys (feat. Social Club & SPZRKT)
4. Mental (feat. Tedashi & Soul Glo Activatur)
5. Tonight
6. Gameface (feat. KB, Soul Glo Activatur & Flame) [2nd Half Edition]
7. Fresh Kicks On
8. It's Going Down (feat. Canton Jones) [Remix]
9. Brand New Day (feat. Humble Tip & Bethany Jones) [Remix]

KJ-52 "Mental" releases October 21st, 2014. Pre-order now on iTunes:


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