Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Release On Sept.22 in Fox, Detailed Narration Of First Scene Attached

The cast of Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 Spoilers, Katrina Struggles with Modern Changes

Sleepy Hollow season 2 scheduled to release on Sept. 22 in Fox Channel. When the season started in last year the viewers do not expect more. Consequently it surprised the critic with the punch dialogue and wonderful twists. Hence, the season 2 will be more creative and energetic and it may convey special energy to its viewers. The story of Sleepy Hollow is an extract from 1820 short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is written by Washington Irving. Following by the Short story, there emerged a horror movie in the same title, which was directed by Tim Burton. In this horror adventure movie Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci played key roles as well. Sleepy Hollow season 1 was not offered with more episodes, which creates disappointment in viewers. As they expect more in the upcoming season with new plots and visuals.

Sleepy Hollow is a factious village, where number of murders has been took place.  Ichabod Crane, a police constable has been sent to the village from the New York City to find out the mysterious Headless Horseman, who has been reportedly committing series of murders in the village. In the upcoming episodes viewers will be able to find Katrina (Katia Winter), Ichabod's wife with new entry and style, as she is in a modern world.

At the same time, audience may see Katrina's complex efforts to compatible with the newly difficult situations, which are Crane subject to face. "Unlike her husband, she'll have an easier time adjusting to the sartorial sensibilities of women in the modern times. I would say she doesn't cling to her wardrobe the way that Crane does ... She's a much cooler dresser in a way of mixing and matching the modern era with her own," Mark Goffman, executive producer of the Sleepy Hollow: season 2 said to TVLine, christianpost, reports.



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