5 Reasons to Not Take Cell Phone Videos at Concerts


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Smart Phone

We've all seen them ... those people at concerts with their cell phones in hand, taping the whole thing. Wanting to capture memories is understandable but posting bad videos online is another.


Here are 5 reasons to keep your cell phone in your pocket at concerts ...

  1. Getting too happy with zoom - Josh Wilson, Steven Curtis Chapman and Andrew Peterson sound great but the constant zooming in and out and the side shots of the audience (blackouts since the house lights are down) don't really do them justice.
  2. Off with his head - Phil Keaggy is a phenomenal guitar player and it's easy to get into the music to the point that you don't realize your arm has dropped.
  3. They don't care you're filming - This Jason Castro video isn't too bad but there are a few instances where the back of someone's head gets into the frame. People will walk or stand in front of you without a care in the world!
  4. The sound of blown speakers - Being close to the stage at a Love & The Outcome is great but when you're too close, the minute they hit the drums, the audio sounds like blown speakers.
  5. Auto focus doesn't always work right - Shane & Shane sound great but they look a little blurry around the edges.

Bottom line - snap a few photos, grab a few short clips of great moments ... but if the video hurts your eyes or ears to watch, don't feel like you have to share it with the world on YouTube!

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