MercyMe Takes Over Huntsville


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MercyMe (2012)

Yesterday, while most people were spending their day at work or in school, MercyMe was throwing a street party in Huntsville, Alabama. The fourth-largest city in Alabama is home to a lot of tech with the Army's Redstone Arsenal, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, and Cummings Research Park as well as XFA Aerials, a new aerial cinematography company started by aerospace engineers Chris Sallis and Richard Zappe and software engineer Mike Zieman. XFA designed an octo-cam (a remote-controlled hovering platform that carries a camera to take aerial shots) and MercyMe used the camera while shooting street scenes for their newest music video.


Over 100 extras, including local dancers from North Alabama Dance Center and Jill’s Studio of Dance, took to the streets of Huntsville to show off their best footwork for the band's newest single, "Shake!" With choreography done by local realtor Mike Rickles and direction coming from Irvin Joel Banta IV from BilbyFilms, the order of the day was to have fun. "When my arms come down, you have just entered the biggest party of your life," Rickles instructed. "The only wrong dance move is no dance move – move! Just make sure everything is pure – underscore pure – fun. No twerking!”

Lead singer Bart Millard agreed that the video is supposed to be joyful. "This is about enjoying the fact that we’re changed," he shared. "This is about having the joy and living life that way - Christians are supposed to have joy."

From the looks of the clips, there was a lot of joy in the Lord in Huntsville yesterday!

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