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Brandon Heath (2013)
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Brandon Heath


On December 7, 2013, while in New York City on the Hits Deep Tour, Brandon Heath proposed to his girlfriend and she said, "Yes!" reported that the popular singer shared the news with fans mid-way through his set at Madison Square Garden. He said, "I took her to the Central Park ice skating rink, got on one knee and proposed. She said yes!"

Just two short years ago, when Leaving Eden released, Brandon talked marriage - but not in the "I found the one" way. He had just fully recovered from a bad breakup that took nearly three years to get past. In an interview with, he said, "It's tough on somebody who has been looking for a long time and wonders, 'Man, am I ever going to get married?'" For a child of divorce, relationships were hard enough for him because he had seen, first hand, the devastation it can bring. For years, he had harbored bitterness towards his father for the infidelity that ended his marriage. Coming to know Christ taught Heath about forgiveness and when he was in college, he opened up to his dad about knowing the why behind the divorce and forgave him for cheating on his mom. That was the first big step in a solid relationship for the two.

But even with their relationship getting stronger, Brandon still questioned whether marriage was something he even wanted to think about. He said, "You wonder if anybody should ever get married-especially as some of my own peers are getting divorced. There's a sense of disillusionment in a lot of people my age about marriage, because it's kind of losing its value on so many different levels. It doesn't seem very rooted in the Word or in God anymore. It just seems like a formality, and there is something really uninspiring about that. For me, especially coming off of a breakup, it's like, 'Is it even worth it? I'm never going to put myself through that again.' About that time, somebody asked me, 'Would you rather love and lose or never love at all?' And I said, 'Never love at all.'"

When asked if he would give the same answer if asked that day, he said, "Absolutely not. I realize now that if we don't love, we don't live. One of the things I've learned through counseling is how to experience grief, to experience those hard things. And I've never felt more alive. I just feel like I can feel my pulse more, like I'm engaging life. Never loving is really being numb. What a wasted life to have never loved. So I'd absolutely change my answer now, but at the time, I was answering out of bitterness."

There is no bitterness now and by this time next year, Brandon will be happily married. Congrats to Brandon Heath!


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